Created by Lowell Cunningham, Men in Black is a semi-comic science fiction media franchise originating from the Malibu/Marvel comic book of the same name. The narrative centers on a non-governmental organization that keeps an eye on and controls extraterrestrial and paranormal activity on Earth. 1997’s Men in Black was the first movie in the franchise, starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones as Agent J and Agent K, respectively. 

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones
Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones as Agent J & Agent K in Men in Black

Upon its release, the movie received critical and commercial success, with special mentions for the storyline, action sequences, and performances by the actors in the movieSmith and Jones’ chemistry was highly appreciated by the audience, and the two of them grew to be fan-favorite characters. Fans who have hailed the franchise for years are now pissed at the reports of a new film being in the works. 

Reports suggest a new Men in Black movie without Will Smith is in the works

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones starred in three Men in Black movies. But for the fourth installment, Men in Black: International, Marvel actors Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson took over as the lead duo. The movie reportedly served as a stand-alone sequel set in the same universe as its predecessors.

The fourth installment followed the story of agents taking on a bigger threat—finding a mole in the agency. Directed by F. Gary Gray, MIB: International opened to negative reviews from the audience and the critics. The action sequences and the storyline of the movie were highly criticized.

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones
A new Men in Black movie in works without Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones reportedly

And now industry insider Daniel Ritchman has shared that a new Men in Black movie is in the works at Sony Pictures (via @TheHollywoodHandle). The insider has not provided much information about the rumored movie, but it has been suggested that Will Smith won’t be returning to the franchise, and it has not settled right with the fans.

Fans took to their social media accounts to express how they felt about this new rumored movie. A user commented, ‘Let it die already, suggesting that they do not need a new MIB movie without Smith. Users added that they would only be interested in watching the new movie if Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones decided to return.

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A user on X mentioned that they thought these movies ended a long time ago. With all the fans expressing their desire to see Will Smith and Lee Jones back, it can be rightly said that Hemsworth and Thompson failed to make a mark in the audience’s mind with their portrayal of agents.

Will Smith initially turned down Men in Black

During his appearance on Kevin Hart’s Hart to Heart talk show, Smith opened up about how filmmaker Steven Spielberg, who served as the executive producer on MIB, convinced him to get on board. He said via Insider,

“Steven Spielberg sent a helicopter to talk to me. I was in New York. It landed at his house. And, like, he had me at hello. And it was the first time I ever had lemonade with carbonated water. You can’t say no to that.”

Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones
Steven Spielberg convinced Will Smith to get on board with MIB

Smith continued to share that Spielberg asked him the reason for turning down the movie, recalling that he was the producer of the movie and had put the ellipsis at the end. Smith said that if Spielberg had continued at the time, he would have been behind successful movies like Jaws and ET.

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The actor agreed to star in the movie, and it became one of the highlights of his career, with fans wanting to see him back as Agent J. The movie grossed $589 million at the box office worldwide. The reason Smith turned down the movie was that he didn’t want to do two alien movies back-to-back. He praised his former manager and longtime business partner, James Lassiter, stating that he had the eye for picking the right parts for him.

Men in Black is available on Prime Video.

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