Last Friday, a court in the north coastal town of Dorado, issued a restraining order against Puerto Rican superstar Ricky Martin. The order, which has been filed under the Puerto Rican Domestic Violence law, is filed by the La Vide Loca singer’s ex-partner. The same was confirmed by the Police spokesman, Axel Valencia.

Ricky Martin can not be found by the police

Ricky Martin
Ricky Martin can not be found

Police Spokesman, Axel Valencia, told the Associated Press that the order, which was signed last Friday, was still to be served to the singer, as Valencia confirmed, “Up until now, police haven’t been able to find him.” When quizzed on who was the person who requested the restraining order, the spokesman kept his silence. He said that he couldn’t report the identity of the person as the case had been filed under Puerto Rico’s domestic violence law.

But the news has shocked fans, just like how Randall Smith’s treatment of Lala Kent shocked them.

The case has been filed by Ricky Martin’s ex-partner

Ricky Martin
The restraining order has been issued under Puerto Rican Domestic Violence law

But El Vocero, a Puerto Rico newspaper, has been able to identify certain details about the relationship between Martin and his unknown ex-partner. El Vocero has disclosed that the two dated for 7 months. The report also added that the two broke up 2 months ago, but there existed a difference in opinion between the two. Martin, couldn’t agree to let go of their relationship and tried to pull his way back in his life. And that is why he has been seen near the petitioner’s house in the recent past at least three times.

The report from El Vocero said, “The petitioner fears for his safety.” 

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The representatives of Ricky Martin are confident

Ricky Martin
Ricky’s representatives are confident his name will be vindicated

The police are still looking for Martin to serve him the restraining order. The singer lives in the north coastal town of Dorado. But the singer is not living there right now.

But in a statement shared with The Hollywood Reporter, Martin’s representatives said they are confident the star’s name will be cleared. The statement said,

The allegations against Ricky Martin that led to a protection order are completely false and fabricated. We are very confident that when the true facts come out in this matter, our client Ricky Martin will be fully vindicated.”

Valencia also remarked that the person who filed the restraining order went straight to the courts. If they had chosen to contact the police, prosecutors would have entered the fray, who would be tasked with determining whether or not there was enough evidence to file charges.

It remains to be seen how the case progresses.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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