Tom Hardy’s foray into the world of comic book movies marked an exciting chapter for fans and the industry alike. His portrayal of Venom in Sony’s current cinematic universe breathed new life into the character. It was a momentous occasion when the news first broke, signaling the arrival of a fresh and intriguing take on this iconic anti-hero. The news of Tom Hardy’s commitment to return once more for a third installment of the Venom series added to the growing excitement.

Tom Hardy
Tom Hardy

However, amidst this excitement, Sony Pictures dropped a bombshell in the form of a mashup video. This video pitted Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock against the version played by Topher Grace in Spider-Man 3, a film from a different era of superhero cinema. The clash of these two Venom incarnations was a thrilling spectacle for fans, but it left them with more questions than answers.

Speculating over the Possibility of a Multiverse Crossover

Spider Man No Way Home
Spider-Man No Way Home

Sony’s recent release of a mashup video has set the internet abuzz with the tantalizing possibility of the major villain from Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man crossing paths with Tom Hardy‘s Venom in Venom 3. However, the subsequent deletion of the video has given rise to numerous speculations and left fans hanging in the balance, uncertain of what to expect. While the video seemed to hint at an epic showdown between the two Venoms, it’s important for fans not to prematurely raise their hopes regarding a potential crossover between Tom Hardy and Topher Grace’s versions of Venom.

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It’s worth noting that Tom Hardy’s Venom briefly found himself in the MCU during the events of Spider-Man: No Way Home before being sent back to his own universe. This could suggest that the multiverse concept is at play, opening up exciting possibilities for future interactions between characters from different cinematic universes. Much like Spider-Man: No Way Home treated viewers to the spectacle of different versions of Peter Parker from various dimensions coming together, fans are now left wondering if this deleted scene also holds the key to a multiverse melding.

Could it be that Sony is gearing up for an epic showdown that transcends the boundaries of individual cinematic universes? However, it’s important to remember that all these speculations can only remain possibilities until an official announcement is made by Sony or Marvel Studios. Until then, fans will continue to dissect every detail, analyze every frame, and eagerly await any hints or confirmations about the future of these beloved characters in what could be a groundbreaking and unprecedented crossover event.

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Sony’s Ultimate Venom Showdown: Tom Hardy Vs. Topher Grace


The official Sony Pictures Home Entertainment UK TikTok account recently made quite a buzz within the fan community by posting a humorous video. This video featured none other than Tom Hardy and Topher Grace, reprising their roles as Eddie Brock and Venom from their respective movie iterations. However, the video mysteriously vanished shortly after it was uploaded, leaving fans puzzled and sparking a flurry of rumors and speculations.

In the now-vanished TikTok video, cleverly edited clips from both the Venom series and Spider-Man 3 were seamlessly woven together to create the illusion of a showdown between the two different incarnations of Venom. The editing made it appear as if Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock was engaging in some form of banter or confrontation with Topher Grace’s Eddie Brock. Adding to the intrigue, the TikTok video was accompanied by a caption that playfully teased fans with a reference to the popular Spider-Man pointing meme, saying, “When Venom met Venom… insert Spider-Man pointing meme here.

The sudden removal of the video only fueled the already rampant rumors and speculations swirling among fans. They were left wondering about the purpose and significance of this mashup video and why it was abruptly taken down. Some fans speculated that it might be hinting at a crossover or collaboration between the two different cinematic universes, while others wondered if it was just a lighthearted nod to the fans.

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