The role of Tony Shark and Captain America saw the part end with the Avengers: Endgame. However, the one actor who seems to be left behind is Mark Buffalo.

Although the other actors are secured with their career, Mark Buffalo appears to be left hanging. Mark Buffalo seems to be in talks with Disney+ and will be seen to play his role in the She-Hulk series.

Dreams of Being The ‘Solo Hulk’ resizeimage 22 2

He has also lent his voice for What If, that is the upcoming animated series by Disney+. But he craves to be a part of a standalone Hulk movie. 

He has expressed his desire on various occasions as to how he dreams of being part of a standalone Hulk movie. The actor has a scene in mind wherein both Banner and Hulk are seen as fighting. 

An Important Part of Marvel

Mark Buffalo as the Hulk

Whether Buffalo will be a part of the new Thor film, only time will tell. However, fans would be delighted to see him being a part of it.

Mark Buffalo’s upcoming projects include his new HBO series ‘I Know This Much Is True.’ The film will premiere on the 10th of May. Marvel Studios have rescheduled a lot of their upcoming releases.

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Many of the movies will be hitting the theatres only in the year 2022. Thor: Love and Thunder will see the light of the day on the 18th of February, 2022. Mark Buffalo, who currently ages around 52, has been a part of various exciting projects in the past.

His role featuring him as the ‘Green Monster’ was quite an interesting one. However, whether this is the end of his journey with Marvel, only the future will tell. 

Here’s a short clip of the new HBO series that will  feature Mark Buffalo :

I KNOW THIS MUCH IS TRUE Trailer # 2 (NEW, 2020) Mark Ruffalo Series HD

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