There’s no denying that Frank Castle has been a fan-favorite Marvel character since almost forever. Recently, he’s seen quite a massive surge in popularity as the Punisher, thanks to the upcoming live-action The Punisher and Daredevil TV shows.

Punisher is still seen as a complicated character due to his brutal approach to protecting justice. This extreme violence makes him more like an anti-hero than an actual hero.

Here are some heroes, Punisher can easily take out while here are other heroes whom he can never beat.

Beaten: Spider-Man

Spider-Man vs Punisher

The Punisher debuted in Amazing Spider-Man #129. He started as a villain, he was sent to take off New York’s neighborhood Spider-Man.

Later, Frank transitioned and became an anti-hero. Although he couldn’t kill Spider-Man, Frank fought Spidey and they’ve been opponents for a long time. The two have traded punches, with Spider-Man and Punisher, each winning various skirmishes.

Can’t Beat: Batman

Frank Castle
Punisher vs Batman

While DC’s Batman isn’t just a Marvel character, Punisher and the Gotham City hero have taken on each other in the past.

During the Marvel/DC crossover which went by, Punisher/Batman: Deadly Knights storyline, the two fight it all out. Bruce and Frank later team up, however. they later fought again thanks to a conflict in their ideologies.


Beaten: Deadpool Has Lost To Frank Castle

Frank Castle
Frank Castle beat Deadpool with ease

Deadpool is a challenging character to take down. Wade Wilson aka Deadpool will always bounce back due to his healing abilities. Despite this ability, Deadpool is no match for the Punisher, at least when they met in Deadpool vs. Punisher #1.

In this issue, Deadpool and Punisher accidentally stumble into the same place as Wade tries to save those that Frank’s trying to take down.

Can’t Beat: Iron Man/War Machine

Frank Castle
Iron Man/War Machine

For a short period of time, Punisher went on to operate the War Machine armor. In The Punisher #218, Nick Fury Jr. went on to recruit Castle for a mission, giving him the means to locate the War Machine armor, which the US government had locked in a “secure” facility. After finding the armor, Punisher became almost indestructible. With this newly found firepower, Frank goes on a rampage. Eventually, he caught the attention of Tony Stark.

Soon Iron Man met Frank Castle and Tony tried to confiscate the War Machine armor, but Frank won the fight. It was thanks to James Rhodes, who happens to be the original War Machine, appeared that Punisher stopped the destruction.

Beaten: Wolverine

Frank Castle
Punisher humiliated by Wolverine

This might come as a shock to many but yes, Wolvie has been taken down by Frank Castle.

Given he wants to dish out brutal justice, it would look like Wolverine would ideally defeat Frank Castle. However, when the two met head-to-head, the Punisher went on to overpower Wolverine in an actually humiliating manner

Source: Den of Geek

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