While Marc Spector is seen serving the Egyptian moon god, Khonshu as the hero Moon Knight, Khonshu believes that another Marvel hero could do it better than Moon Knight. Moon Knight #10 sees our titular hero going after the death of Randall, his brother, by confronting his murderer. This investigation provided Khonshu the right opportunity to witness yet another dangerous hero who could serve him better than Spector’s Moon Knight.

Moon Knight
Moon Knight

Marc Spector has fought in Khonshu’s stead since his first appearance in Werewolf By Night #32, written by Don Perlin, Doug Moench, Phil Rachelson, Howie Perlin, and Ray Holloway. After he was gunned down, Marc Spector was revived by Khonshu so that he could be his vessel and ultimately provide protection to the travelers of the night from evil. As Khonshu’s fist, Moon Knight made quite a reputation for his vicious methods that also made him a pariah among Marvel heroes.

Khonshu Believes That THIS Vigilante Could Do Better Than Marc Spector

Marvel's Punisher
Frank Castle aka Punisher

While Moon Knight is not a stranger to any form of violence, Khonshu believes that another vigilante could do a much better job as his servant. Moon Knight #10 by Charlie Huston, Frank D’Armata Mico Suayan, and Rus Wooton has Khonshu and Spector observing the Punisher in full form as he takes on a gang. As Frank continues to take on one body after body, Khonshu could be seen in awe, even complimenting his work. This annoys Moon Knight who tells Khonshu to bring Castle in if he actually thinks that he is so great. But as per Khonshu “Alas, it is not to be. He belongs to another,” noting the skull present on the chest of Punisher.

It should be also be kept in mind that Marc and Khonshu’s relationship has been quite tenuous so far, and the Egyptian god is seen manipulating Spector to get what he wants from him. In this very instance, Khonshu tries to goad Moon Knight into taking vengeance on Frank Castle’s Punisher over his obnoxiously high body count. However, Khonshu is more honest than he thinks and he also might have a good point that in another reality or world, Frank Castle might be an effective Moon Knight.

Marvel’s Punisher Is Already Taken by a Stronger Force

Punisher is one of the most lethal heroes in Marvel
Punisher is one of the most lethal heroes in Marvel

Just like Moon Knight, even the Punisher doesn’t see himself being favored among the popular superhero community, thanks to his extreme crime-fighting methods. However, where Marc finds himself conflicted over what his actual role is, Punisher is quite resolute in each mission. We should also remember that Castle had abandoned the idea of normal life after the murder of his family, and this is exactly the kind of one-track line of thinking that serves Khonshu best. While Marc is likely to question his actions and morality, Khonshu would just need to show Punisher the right direction.

But, it’s exactly as Khonshu said. No matter how good a Moon Knight he’d be, Marvel’s Punisher is already spoken for by a darker force.

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