Deadpool’s movie came in 2016 and Ryan Reynolds’ portrayal has done more than justice to the character. Deadpool is one of the most loved characters of Marvel and he has some hilarious sense of humour.
But when the movie came out, not many people (especially the non comic readers) knew much about the character.
As a result, there are still numerous questions which are being asked by fans about the comic book Deadpool.
We have answered the most asked ones!

1. What Other Alternate Versions Of Deadpool Exist Out There?

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There are many different versions of the character. It includes Headpool; a zombie in Marvel Zombies, then there is Sergeant Wadey Wilson from the Ultimate Marvel Universe and the Venomverse Deadpool who bonded with the symbiote.
Dreadpool from Earth 1201 is set to kill out every version of him and there’s Lady Deadpool from Earth 3010 and Kidpool; a child incarnation from Earth 10330 as well.

2. His First Appearance.

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X- Men began back in 1963, while Deadpool made his first comic book character in 1991’s The New Mutants #98. Deadpool represents a creative turn for the series that took in modern elements of an anti- hero character.
But he wasn’t heroic in any way in his debut appearance and had more of a ride role as the mercenary hired by Tolliver (a villain) who wanted Deadpool to go after the New Mutants and Cable.

3. Who Is His Archenemy?

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The movies haven’t adapted the character as of yet but the supervillain considered to be his archnemesis is T-Ray. He’s just another mercenary like Deadpool and he claims to be the real Wade Wilson and accuses Deadpool for stealing his identity as seen in Deadpool Vol. 3 #33.
They have such next level rivalry that T- Ray has even resurrected Deadpool just to antagonize him, as shown in Deadpool #61.
In most of the Deadpool’s comic books, T- Ray turns out be there orchestrating the events in one way or the other.

4. Who All Are His Closest Allies?

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Deadpool had a significant partnership with Cable in Deadpool 2 and both of them had their own lines from the comics. The Merc with a Mouth has had many weird and strange friendships in Marvel and most of them are quite reluctant ones.
But another “importantly” notable friendship he has is with Wolverine, who is largely bewildered being stuck with Wade.
But probably my personal favorite friendship he has is with Spider- Man. Both of them enjoy a comedic partnership and Spider-Man doesn’t mind indulging in Wade’s jokes.

5. What Exactly Are His Powers ?

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Deadpool’s main powers are his immortality and regeneration; but this ability of his is so effective that he has been able to survive in most impossible scenarios. As seen in X- Force/ Cable Messiah War, Deadpool was still around 800 years in the future.
Before the comic Cable & Deadpool #36, he was also occasionally shown to have super strength as well.
And of course, Deadpool’s main way of offense has been his extensive expertise in using weaponry as shown in the X-Men film series.

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