New episode of What If has hinted that the fate of the Marvel multiverse lies in the hand of two villains. Yes, this time, it’s not the heroes who will save the world, but villains. We all saw Ultron’s rise to power. He even went on to acquire the Infinity Stones by splitting Thanos in half. But this is not where it ends. Ultron is now in charge of the multiverse with The Watcher now gone. Meanwhile, Black Widow and Hawkeye are in Siberia hatching a plan which doesn’t go well. Hawkeye sacrifices himself and Widow is left with Zola. Now, the fate of the Marvel multiverse lies in the hand of villains. Check it out.

Marvel Multiverse’ Fate Is In The Hand Of Two Villains

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Ultron went on to beat The Watcher, forcing the latter to escape through a portal and forming a very unusual alliance. He went to befriend Doctor Strange Supreme where he offers his help. Strange is currently dealing with the result of his selfish actions. On the other hand, Widow and Hawkeye took Zola’s help to take down Ultron’s network from within. But Zola reveals that he could not connect with Ultron’s hive because he was not in their universe.

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For The Watcher, this wasn’t good news. Ultron had become so powerful that he found him and gave the Watcher the hardest of times. Uatu had to power up to stand a chance against the maniacal A. I but couldn’t last long. Now, he has teamed up with Doctor Strange Supreme is at his strongest. This is the first villain. Second, we have Zola who is waiting for Ultron to arrive at their universe. This is something that will happen and Zola will try to take him down from within and defeat him once and for all. But we can all accept how crazy this episode got, especially when Thanos was treated like a joke.

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