Martin Scorsese recently said that comics, including Marvel movies, are not “cinema”. Thousands of people developed a sense of rage because of his statement. Numerous actors called out Scorsese for his comments including one of the biggest actor cum director, Kevin Patrick Smith.

Kevin patrick smith
Kevin Patrick Smith

Kevin Smith, a fan of comics, not only defended but even praised Scorsese’s work. He said in an interview that, “Martin Scorsese is a genius. But to be fair, my entire film career and even prior to career, Scorsese has been saying the same thing about comics and action movies. Practically speaking, he invented cinema, therefore, he will respect his opinion also while fundamentally disagreeing with it.”

“The Biggest Superhero Movie Ever”

Kevin Smith continued, “For my money, I think Martin Scorsese made the biggest superhero movie ever, which was The Last Temptation of Christ” He added that Scorsese never had that emotional connection with comics and action movies so he has a different opinion from comic fans.

He even mentioned, “My feeling is, Martin has never sat in a movie theater with his dad and watched the movies of Steven Spielberg in the early ‘80s or the movies of George Lucas in late ‘70s. He didn’t feel that sense of magic or wonder.” For millions of people, including Kevin Smith, comic movies are more than a story for them as they get emotionally attached to them.

Smith added he is not into the mood of arguing with Scorsese but just wanted to express his concern for comics. He concluded it by mentioning the fact that Marvel movies are considered to be cinema.

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