Marvel Studios now has the perfect MCU future for Deadpool & Venom:

Marvel Studios now has the perfect future for Deadpool & Venom
Marvel Studios now has the perfect future for Deadpool & Venom

Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) and Venom (Tom Hardy) now have the ideal Marvel Cinematic Universe future, according to Marvel Studios (Tom Hardy). Despite not being tied to the MCU, the two anti-heroes have become fan-favorite big-screen Marvel characters. While fans have puzzled over how any of them would fit into the vast shared world, reports of a Thunderbolts film in the works may provide a solution. While the MCU has been founded on the concept of an interwoven canon spanning movies and TV episodes, Venom and Deadpool’s fame soared outside of this shared world. This was owing to the fact that their theatrical rights were held by other companies, with Sony owning Venom and 20th Century Fox owning Deadpool. Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool was an instant sensation with moviegoers when it debuted in theatres in 2016, and he returned two years later for a sequel. This was also the year when Tom Hardy’s Venom made his solo picture debut. However, both of these characters are currently on their way to the MCU. Deadpool’s inclusion follows Disney’s acquisition of 20th Century Fox, while Venom’s universe crossover was revealed in the post-credits sequence in Venom: Let There Be Carnage.

What are Deadpool and Venom’s MCU futures?

A Still Of Ryan Reynolds's Deadpool & Tom Hardy's Venom
A Still Of Ryan Reynolds’s Deadpool & Tom Hardy’s Venom

The MCU fates of Deadpool and Venom have subsequently been the subject of much discussion. When it comes to blending both Deadpool’s R-rated nature and Venom’s unusually frenzied tone into the shared world, Marvel Studios may have some hurdles. Their immediate futures may be Deadpool 3 and a Spider-Man crossover for Venom, but that doesn’t solve the question of what Marvel will do with them beyond that. Now that it looks like a Thunderbolts film is in the works, Marvel Studios may have shown their hand when it comes to incorporating Deadpool and Venom into the MCU. They can become permanent members of the MCU ensemble by joining the squad of villains, anti-heroes, and mercenaries.

Venom and Deadpool’s MCU future lies with the Thunderbolts:

A Still Of The Thunderbolts Lead By Red Hulk
A Still Of Thunderbolts From The Comics Having Both Venom & Deadpool

The Thunderbolts’ presence in Venom and Deadpool’s MCU future makes sense for both the characters and the world. In the comics, there are several variations of the Thunderbolts, but Deadpool and Venom were partners for a while. This occurred when Red Hulk took command of the team. Flash Thompson, who later became known as Agent Venom, was the host for Venom at the time, and he collaborated with Deadpool, Red Hulk, Punisher, and Elektra. A variant of this roster might potentially develop in the MCU, but comics aren’t the only reason Deadpool and Venom could join the Thunderbolts in the MCU. Neither of them are true villains or worthy contenders for membership in the Avengers. This places them in a problematic position for the MCU, but Thunderbolts can easily remedy this by bringing together numerous Marvel anti-heroes.

How Marvel Studios can make Venom and Deadpool part of the Thunderbolts:

A Can Be Still Of Marvel's THUNDERBOLTS
A Can Be Still Of Marvel’s THUNDERBOLTS Along With Venom Being In The Team

In terms of how Marvel Studios can make Venom and Deadpool part of the Thunderbolts, it may also be fairly simple. There’s no knowing how Deadpool 3 will redesign the Merc with a Mouth to fit him into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Deadpool’s most recent adventure, Deadpool 2, sees him form the X-Force and collaborate with characters like Cable and Domino. Wade Wilson should be interested in joining the Thunderbolts now that he has experience working with a team and will be in a new universe. Meanwhile, once Venom and Spider-Man meet in the MCU, Eddie Brock will need to do something other than antagonize Peter Parker. Eddie may not have had the military training that Flash Thompson had as Agent Venom, but Venom’s passion for violence may have allowed him to feel at ease with the Thunderbolts. Should Deadpool and Venom both ultimately join the MCU’s Thunderbolts squad, they will make for a terrific hilarious match that fans are sure to adore. They also provide whomever leads the Thunderbolts with two big wildcards, as neither of them can be predicted at any given time. Hopefully, it won’t be long until Marvel confirms Thunderbolts, Venom, and Deadpool’s roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


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