Marvel surprised Spider-Man fans previously this year, with the announcement that cherished director J.J. Abrams would certainly be co-writing an upcoming Spider-Man miniseries. With the first concern readied to debut in a little over a month, Marvel has launched a new extensive check out the forthcoming miniseries, in the kind of a brand-new trailer.

Details On J.J Abrams’ Spider-Man Trailer

Details On J.J Abrams' Spider-Man Trailer
The Spider-Man series will provide a new insight into the character

The trailer breaks down the technique that Abrams, as well as his kid Henry, are offering the miniseries and also includes some all-new consider the series’ art, which is attracted by Sara Pichelli. This consists of a first official take a look at Cadaverous, a new villain who is set to create troubles for both Spider-Man as well as Mary Jane Watson.

” Nick Lowe, the editor of this comic, reached out regarding ten years earlier,” Henry claimed when the collection was initially introduced. “Much more just recently, we started to develop a concept: a brand-new and different as well as interesting take on Spider-Man.”

J.J Abrams On Initiating the Series

J.J Abrams On Initiating the Series
The Spider-Man series had been in the works since a year

” Nick had been pushing me to do a book with him,” Abrams stated. “A year approximately ago, I began talking about it with Henry as well as it happened naturally, which has been the delight of this. Although I’ve been talking to Nick for a very long time, weirdly, this feels like it just developed from the conversations of Henry and I, having suggestions that obtained us thrilled and also Nick being open to the partnership.”

Effect Of New Spider-Man Trailer

The introduction of the miniseries at first provided followers with a bit of whiplash, partly because the countdown teaser images made some speculate concerning an adjustment of Sam Raimi’s previously-planned Spider-Man 4. Still, followers aspire to see Abrams’ take on the Marvel world. 

Watch the trailer here:

SPIDER-MAN #1 by J.J. Abrams, Henry Abrams, Sara Pichelli | Trailer


Source: Comicbook, Movieweb

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