Marvel is cooking up some interesting things in its multiverse saga to keep its audience hooked. According to reports by The Cosmic Circus, there are discussions going on about mutants playing a more prominent role in the multiverse saga. So far, the MCU’s multiverse shows and movies have been epic failures, probably with the exception of Loki. So, it is no wonder that Marvel is trying to save the sinking ship by steering it in other directions before Avengers: Secret Wars takes place in 2027, concluding the saga.

Marvel Logo
Marvel Logo (image via. Marvel)

Marvel is hoping to establish the mutants on Earth-616 in a much more impactful manner before the said conclusion takes place. One of the main ideas that Marvel is fiddling with is a Disney+ series focusing on the individual stories of the mutants, which would give Marvel the much-needed screen time to establish the characters enough to build a connection. If this show indeed takes place, the fans would be dying to see their favorite X-Men characters’ story arc play out on-screen on a much larger scale. Here’s a list of five X-Men that should definitely make the cut.

1. Gambit

Remy LeBeau, aka Gambit, would probably be the top demand from the audience. Gambit made his live-action debut in the 2009 film X-Men Origins: Wolverine, portrayed by the talented Taylor Kitsch. He is a mutant with the powers to blast and explode any inanimate object. This is the sort of power that Hollywood would kill to portray on screen. This, along with his dark backstory of being raised by the Thieves Guild and going down a murky road, makes Gambit a very nuanced character. 

Marvel's Gambit
Marvel’s Gambit (Image via. Marvel)

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Although he is morally conflicted about the workings of X-Men, he does have a soft spot for abandoned kids due to his own history and even builds up a whirlwind romance with Rogue. If Marvel plays its cards right, this can be a layered, action-packed story that could redeem the MCU’s lost reputation. 

2. Jubilee

Jubilation Lee, also known as Jubilee, is another mutant with a penchant for explosions. This Asian mutant is known for generating explosive energy blasts that are termed “fireworks.” After her parents were killed, she ran away and hid in a Hollywood shopping mall before being rescued by the X-Men. Unlike Gambit, she never had any conflict about X-Men operations. In fact, she was heavily inspired by Wolverine’s teachings and became one of the most valued members of the team. She even took on the role of teacher at the Xavier Institute to pass on her learning.

Marvel's Jubilee
Marvel’s Jubilee (Image via. Marvel)

Jubilee made a cameo appearance in the last three X-Men films, all portrayed by Katrina Florece in the first film and by Kea Wong in the last two movies. In X-Men: Apocalypse, she was portrayed by Lana Condor. Marvel, so far, has only portrayed one Asian superhero story with prominence and that is of Shang-Chi. Jubilee is a massively popular Asian mutant in the Marvel Universe. She has been listed multiple times by the media as one of the best sidekicks in X-Men. It would be great to finally see her take center stage.

3. Fantomex

Fantomex is one of those popular X-Men characters that the audience has yet to see on-screen. Charlie Cluster-7, aka Fantomex, was actually developed as a weapon as part of a weapon project by The World. He is the result of mating between his human mother and a machine and he is one of the most cunning and highly advanced beings in the X-Men universe. He is wrapped in an enigma due to his sly, intelligent nature and extraordinary skillset in misdirection. 

Marvel's Fantomex
Marvel’s Fantomex (Image via. Marvel)

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He has a great art style in the comics with gunmanship that would put Jason Statham to shame. He has three brains and a ship that is an extension of his nervous system called E.V.A. Fantomex deserves a lot more screentime for his first appearance than just a cameo. Needless to say, with the right CGI and the correct action choreography, Fantomex would make a banger of an entry into the upcoming Disney+ series.

4. Proteus

Named IGN’s 77th greatest villain of all time, Proteus is a force of nature who can reshape and alter realities in the most horrific ways possible. He is the son of Moira MacTaggert, who imprisoned him in the Mutant Research Facility on Muir Island. Proteus had a deeply disturbed time here and was not fortunate enough for a happy life. Even when he managed to escape the facility during Magneto’s attack, his body was quickly incarcerated due to his power consuming him. Since then, he has existed as psychic energy and shifted from body to body.

Marvel's Proteus
Marvel’s Proteus (Image via. Marvel)

Only X-Men and Proteus’s weakness for metal could stop him. However, a terrorist group later resurrected him, allowing him to continue on his rampage. He is extremely powerful, so much so that X-Men as a combined force had a difficult time taking him on. He has a pretty tragic backstory and a complicated relationship with his mother that can be portrayed on screen, allowing more shades of the villainous character to blossom.

5. Multiple Man

James Madrox, known as Multiple Man, has the powers one would guess from his name. He is capable of splitting himself into exact duplicates by absorbing the force of physical impact. He was not a major character in the X-Men universe until he appeared in the 1987 miniseries Fallen Angels. He even went through a more improved arc through the hands of the writer Peter David in the monthly series X-Factor. 

Marvel's Multiple Man
Marvel’s Multiple Man (Image via. Marvel)

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Multiple Man can split himself and send his duplicates all over the world to gather knowledge and absorb it once they come back. He also uses his power to his advantage whenever he has to fight. So, it would be really fun watching him navigate his power and go on his adventures in the upcoming series. He appeared in the 2006 film X-Men: The Last Stand, portrayed by Eric Dane.  

If the show materializes, as said by The Cosmic Circus, it will stream exclusively on Disney+.

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