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During the Infinity Saga, the MCU Phase had six to eleven films. With the expansion of the franchise with Disney+, Phase 4 seems to include 23 projects across episodic series and theatrical releases.

As far as now is concerned, Marvel Studios has announced six projects in-line. These include Secret Invasion, She-Hulk, Ant-Man, and the Wasp: Quantumania, Moon Knight, The Marvels, and Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

While the list is already huge, Marvel Studios may have plenty of hidden projects yet to get their official voice.

Marvel Studios and Disney+ Has Nine Unannounced Series Upcoming –


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A recent article by Murphy’s Multiverse echoed that Marvel Studios might have nine unannounced series in line with Disney+, out of which some are already confirmed. And as per Marvel Studios insider news, projects based on Secret Warriors, Ghost Rider, and Nova could be among them.

What All Marvel Studios’ Nine Unannounced Projects Could Include?

MCU’s current Phase includes a total of 28 projects releasing across various different platforms. These include theatrical releases, festival specials, Disney+ series, and short films as well. Keeping the bandwidth of projects in hand, it won’t be possible to release the unannounced series or movies until 2024.

With around nine such projects on their way, it becomes even challenging to depict the exact number of Marvel Studios projects in their bucket. This is because the makers may have a similar number of theatrical releases on top of everything so far.

Nova, the cosmic cop, has been requested to lead the solos for over a decade now. From the older version to the experienced Richard Rider, it is hard to predict what these multiple iterations are opting for.

So far, Marvel Studios has used the Disney+ platform to explore a unique genre of the franchise. In this regard, playing a buddy cop in space might become of the best ways to satisfy both the character and its fan base.

Secret Warriors, Ghost Rider, And More

Whenever MCU introduces Ghost Rider, it will not be the first time that the Spirit of Vengeance will appear on-screen doing action. Like Nova, Ghost Rider has been held by actors like Robbie Reyes, who was also there in Agents of SHIELD as Gabriel Luna. Others who played Ghost Rider include Johnny Blaze, who was featured in Nicholas Cage’s blockbusters.

However, in 2019, Spirit of Vengeance from Agents of SHIELD was expected to lead a Hulu show. But, the series ended up being a victim of Marvel TV’s end. While the fans might wait to see Gabriel Luna’s return as Reyes, Kevin Feige, Marvel Studios’ president, will opt to reboot the character.

Ghost Rider might not be the only part of Agents of SHIELD to get reboot by Marvel Studios as Secret Warriors. In terms of other projects, it will be difficult for now to predict which heroes Marvel Studios could adopt next. Based on some logical predictions from Phase 4, the rest of the unannounced projects may include America Chavez, Black Knight, Namor, and Young Avengers.

WandaVision, Loki, and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier are streaming on the Disney+ platform. Marvel Phase 4’s next entry, What If…?, is set to premier on 11th August 2021.

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