Sentry is commonly known as Marvel’s version of Superman, but an unstable version, as fans know that whenever he’d appear in a story, it’s either going to be for the better or worse. Since his debut in Sentry Vol. 1 in 2000, Sentry and his alter ego, The Void, have played important roles in various popular comic events.

Recently, the already powered Sentry has gained an upgrade as a consequence of finally integrating the Void into his brain. He is poised to be more dangerous and impactful than ever, and today we have decided to take a look back at his 7 most OP moments.

7. Shatters Terrax The Tamer’s Ax
Sentry casually knocked out A-list characters that would’ve put down lesser known heroes easily. But in Sentry Vol. 2, he goes against Terrax The Tamer, one of Galactus’ heralds.

Terrax is imbued with the power cosmic and also has a really powerful axe that can even rip apart Galactus’ own ship. However, Sentry easily shattered the axe as if it were a piece of wood.

6. Helps Hypnotise Earth’s Populace
The original Sentry series revealed Sentry to be an original Marvel hero. The populace of Earth-616 couldn’t remember him because all their minds were wiped out. The Void grew out of control and caused an unfathomable tragedy in Manhattan.

To get rid of Void, Sentry decided to make everyone, including himself, forget about Sentry’s existence. He worked with Reed Richards and Doctor Strange to hypnotise the Earth’s populace into forgetting his alter ego.

5. Ended World War Hulk
World War Hulk saw the Green Monster taking out the whole X-Men and Avengers roster, Juggernaut, Fantastic Four and Doc Samson.

The end of the issue saw Hulk going against The Sentry. The Sentry let himself loose against The Hulk and the two battled brutally. It ended with both collapsing and returning to their human forms.

4. Contained the Cosmic Cube Briefly
We all know how powerful the Cosmic Cube is in the Marvel Universe. Supervillains have always tried to possess it because when it’s energy gets activated it gets impossible to be contained.

However, in Sentry Vol. 1, Sentry did the impossible and contained the energy of the cube temporarily.

3. Brushed off a nuke
Sentry/X-Men Vol 1 saw a mad tyrant launching multiple nukes. These missiles are stopped by Sentry who disables them and even takes one at point blank range.

While the X-Men think that as the end of Sentry, he popped up at the end of the issue with nothing more than a flesh wound.

2. Spoke Through Paul Jenkins
In New Avengers #10, we get to know that Sentry himself was responsible for its (real) writer Paul Jenkins’ creation of the original Sentry miniseries.

We get to know that Sentry stored his own memories into Jenkins’ mind, inspiring him to tell his story. Sentry is one of the very few Marvel characters to have broken through the fourth wall this way.

1. Can Do Anything A Molecule Man Can
After Sentry joined the Dark Avengers, he showed a new ability. While fighting Morgan le Fay, Sentry gets taken out completely but the end of the issue sees him returning out of a flashlight.

A few issues later, he faces Molecule Man who decimates him completely, but he reformed out of nowhere again. Seems like Sentry found a way to rebuild himself through molecular manipulation.

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