Marvel Cinematic Universe is most known for its comic accuracy but there is still one important element from Marvel Comics that the MCU will never be able to adapt accurately. The MCU started becoming “the big thing” in the late 2000s by portraying Marvel superheroes as written on the page instead of trying to reimagine them at the risk of displeasing the audience who grew up with these characters.

But MCU is still unable to adapt the iconic element to the comics – the visible sound effects.


Onomatopoeia is an important part of the superhero genre to that level that the Adam West Batman television show used many animated BAMs and POWs during fight sequences. Since comics are a visual medium, many readers imagine different voices from their favorite characters but the individual sound effects are a commonality. There are in fact many Marvel characters that have their own character-specific sound effects that are used for specific actions.

One of the best-known character-specific sound effects belongs to Spider-Man. Whenever Peter Parker activates his web-shooters, they are often accompanied by THWIP sound, which is emanating from his wrists. In the first few issues, the web-shooters were silent until The Amazing Spider-Man #36, which was the first time THWIP was introduced while Sidey was chasing a parachuting criminal. The noise went on to become so iconic that in Spider-Man: Enter The Spider-Verse by Peter Parker while trying to teach Miles Morales how to swing on his webs he said “Just thwip and release!” The film even showed the sound effects in the air when Spidey used his web-shooters

Marvel Comics


Even Wolverine’s iconic claws emit a SNICKT sound in comics whenever his claws were unsheathed. This is, of course, is only when his claws are covered in the unbreakable metal adamantium; when the character had bone claws in the past they make a SHLIKT sound instead. Nightcrawler too has an exclusive sound effect used by him as his ability is instant teleportation, he appears and disappears with a BAMF sound and is accompanied by a dark purple cloud.

Marvel Comics

Considering MCU takes place in a quasi-realistic film, it’s unlikely that the visible sound effects will be reproduced on screen. Maybe they can get them in the animated series/ films.

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