As Captain America, many would think that all battles by Chris Evans will involve fighting the aliens or taking out Thanos.

MCU Star Chris Evans Faces Twitter Storm

Chris Evans stormed by fans over Twitter
Chris Evans stormed by fans over Twitter

However, Chris Evans recently got involved in a totally different type of conflict, after the actor revealed his favorite crisp brand on Twitter.

Yes, after seeing a tweet where the user asked their followers to rank a few crisps in order of his preference, Evans with his take on the topic.

“The correct answer is: 1. Cool ranch, 2. Cheetos, 3. Nacho cheese Doritos, 4. Fritos, 5. BBQ Lay’s, 6. Original Lay’s. I will not be taking questions,” the actor tweeted.

This started a war on Twitter, with stars including both Octavia Spencer and Don Cheadle.

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Here is Chris Evans Tweet about his favorite crisp brand:

“Dude? Seriously?????? Now you know cheetos is top dawg!!!!” Spencer tweeted in response.

“This hurts me deeply,” she added in an additional tweet.

“Guys, take this offline, please. We don’t need to expose this kind of disfunction to the world… especially when BBQ Lay’s obviously s**** on both of your choices…” Cheadle replied.

Despite the passion came out from those who disagreed with the crisp preferences of the actor remained unrewarding in his eyes.

“Look, this wasn’t easy for me,” he tweeted, in response to Spencer, with whom he starred in 2017 drama Gifted.

“But the bottom line is, I can put in more work on a bag of cool ranch than any other chip. Let’s just acknowledge their dominance and move on.

Source: Independent, Twitter

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