Each and every hero needs a sidekick. In the case of Captain Marvel, she has a fuzzy companion. Yes, we are talking about Captain Marvel’s cat, Goose.

Who is Goose in Captain Marvel Comics?

Chewie in Captain Marvel comics
Chewie in Captain Marvel comics

The comics sees Carol having a pet named Chewie, who accompanies her, proving to be a useful ally on occasions. In the film, directors Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden decided to trade the name and renamed the cat Goose. This is a nod to Carol’s early Air Force pilot career in the 80s.

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In the trailer, we see Goose sharing a lot of screen time with Captain Marvel and Nick Fury. However, very few would know that Brie Larson who plays the titular role is really allergic to cats.

“It became this joke because the crew would watch me all day doing crazy stunts,” Larson says. “But then the cat showed up on set and I was like, ‘We need to have a plan! We need to have a conversation!’”

How was Goose created in Captain Marvel?

Goose the cat will play a major role in Captain Marvel
Goose the cat will play a major role in Captain Marvel

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The filmmakers decided to come with a three-cat solution. Goose is computer generated and the other is an actual cat that Brie Larson could hold without sneezing. Then there’s also this 12-year old Reggie. “[Reggie was] actually a lot more directable than some actors we’ve worked with,” Boden says with a laugh. (Three backup cats — Gonzo, Archie and Rizzo — filled in when the script required a specific trick. Or at times when Reggie was too tired.)

Despite being allergic to cats, Brie Larson managed well. All thanks to Reggie though. “You give them a snack, you talk to them in a relatively kind tone, and give them another snack when it’s over,” Samuel L. Jackson (who plays Nick Fury) says of the cats. “Next time they see you, it’s like, ‘Oh, that’s the dude with the snacks!’”

Adds Larson: “I mean, that’s basically how I work too.”

Captain Marvel release date is set for March 8.

Source: EW, YouTube

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