Michonne (Danai Gurira) let’s lose an unsettling scream in a new mid-season teaser for The walking dead Season 10. Like the ominous teaser that appeared to hints at the next victim to fall in Season 10, this newest red-hued promo shows Daryl, Whisperers Alpha and Beta, couple Father Gabriel and Rosita, Eugene, Aaron, Negan, Carol and finally Michonne, who seems to be filled with both anger and grief as she’s heard yelling: “What did you do?!” this left all the viewers terrified and excited for the upcoming seasons.

A journey of Michonne

 walking dead season 10
a glimpse of the walking dead seasons

Last we saw her, Michonne embarks on a journey with the stranded Virgil (Kevin Carroll), who agreed to supply Michonne with weaponry required to defeat the Whisperers’ walker horde in exchange for a trip home located on a naval base on Bloodsworth Island. There Virgil supposedly reunites with his wife and daughter, while Michonne is met with seemingly hostile forces: a previously released trailer for the second half of the season showed Michonne just steps ahead of two unidentified assailants, each pursuing Michonne with guns drawn.

The mission that Michonne embarks on

 walking dead season 10 michonnes mission
Thriller missions that the actress embarks on

This risky mission also forces Michonne to use an old trick for protection. Just as she did before encountering Rick Grime and his band of survivors in Season 3, Michonne will again require the use of pet-walkers— neutered walkers whose jaws and arms have been removed to prevent bites or scratches, allowing Michonne to move with her human scent masked from the undead — during this undertaking where time is of the essence.

About Michonne

 Michonne walking dead
depiction of an empowered woman

Michonne has absolute faith in herself. She knows that she can get out of a dangerous situation. She feels like she’s got a pretty good beat on everyone around and she’s not going to let an opportunity to maybe end the war just pass her by. This is the last story on the show for Gurira’s Michonne, who will exit the series before season’s end.

The Walking Dead Season 10 Comic Con Trailer

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