Alyssa Milano has always been the topic of discussion due to her bold personality. Having gained stardom at an early age after starring in Who’s the Boss? she continued to gain recognition for her acting in the industry. Her stardom allowed her to broaden her horizon which is how she decided to share her opinion on several serious topics concerning society.

Alyssa Milano
American actress, Alyssa Milano

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While many support the actress for her work in the industry, others want to cancel her due to her double standards. Her previous acts have been called out many times as she often does something completely opposite to what she preaches. Here are some of the major events that she expressed her opinions on, only to do something otherwise.

Alyssa Milano Once Faced Backlash for Wearing Face Mask Having Holes

Alyssa Milano
Alyssa Milano was slammed for her face mask

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The Covid pandemic was a serious situation, and everyone was trying their best to follow all protocols to be safe. However, The View host, Alyssa Milano was slammed for her choice of face mask that seemed to have holes in it. Back in 2020, she shared a family photo of herself wearing face masks to encourage her fans to do the same.

However, her idea quickly backfired as many noticed that the mask was not fit to serve the actual purpose it was made for. Her crocheted mask was full of holes, making it unreliable in any way except it being an accessory.

She was heavily criticized for the same, however, she told that the mask was handmade with a carbon filter sewn with it to serve the purpose. Unfortunately, it was not enough to convince the netizens. This is not the only time she faced backlash, as her double standards became transparent when she was hellbent on defending the President of the United States, Joe Biden.

The View Host Got Criticized for Her Double Standards After Supporting Joe Biden

Alyssa Milano
Alyssa Milano with US President, Joe Biden

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The 50-year-old actress has encouraged women to voice out their opinions against the injustice they suffered through the #MeToo movement. She was really praised for her good deeds, however, fans started calling her out when she openly defended the U.S. President, Joe Biden, after women spoke up about their unpleasant encounters with the politician.

Her actions back then somehow disgraded her own integrity in the #MeToo movement with a fan stating at the time, “I think Milano is despicable for this.”

Due to her actions, many people called her out for her “double standards.” Her being in the controversial talk show, The View is also one of the reasons she ends up in a negative light, however, her own actions are to be held accountable for that. Alyssa Milano has been involved in a series of controversies which is why netizens want her to be canceled.

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