Money Heist ( La Casa De Papel) Season 5 will be the end of this outstanding Spanish series. So officially, the heist is coming to an end.

Throughout the series, one can seldom find any unnecessary exaggeration. All the four seasons have a very intriguing storyline and jaw-dropping turn of events, together directing to the point of maximum amazement.

In the last season, we have witnessed that the team members were successful in bringing back Rio into the bank of Spain, but it costs them  Nairobi’s life, this was the saddest point in the Money Heist series.

At the end of season 4, we have seen the Professor, along with his heist members, declaring war against the authorities.

The fans cannot stop predicting the next course of action for season 5.

Let us have a look at the ten insane fan theories that might come true.


10. The Professor Will Be Forced To Mislead His Group


At the end of season 4, we have seen Alicia Sierra holding the gun against the Professor’s head. Alicia is an extremely unpredictable cop who is capable of turning the whole game upside down.

From the beginning of the heist, she was quite serious about the Professor and Lisbon ( Raquel Morio) and wanted to crack the case as soon as possible.

So, unwillingly, the Professor has to mislead the team in the wrong direction. While many of the fans think that Professor will never do that as he always has a backup plan for every situation.


9. Alicia Is Faking Her Pregnancy

Alicia Money Heist

Alicia might be working for the justice of the country, but ethically and morally, she is an evil person.

She had many bad habits, including torturing the criminals beyond the maximum threshold, so much so that they accept their crimes. Despite her numerous cons, one thing that cannot be ignored is that her love for her deceased husband.

If a lady were deeply in love with her dead husband, then she must have been taking extra care of her unborn baby. But in the story, we found the exact opposite of that, as she has often been found smoking, drinking, and eating the lollipop candies.

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8. Gandia Is Still Alive


Gandia was a surprise problem for the team. No one in the crew could ever predict that this person could become a threat to the whole team.

Gandia unlocked the handcuffs( of course with the help of Palermo), kidnapped Tokyo, and in the end, he killed Nairobi.

After helping the team in bringing Lisbon from the court into the bank of Spain, he fought back for his escape and eventually got killed.

The most surprising thing is that the whole team was celebrating the victory without even checking Gandia’s body. Nevertheless, the fans don’t want to agree with this fact unless they are shown the dead body.


7. Alicia Joins The Gang

Last Scene money heist

In season 4, Alicia is a fugitive in the eyes of the government. Alicia had a hard time with the authorities and did not want to surrender at any cost.

She started connecting the missing pieces that led her path to the Professor. Many fans have a hard time believing that a person like Alicia Sierra can simply let this thing go and again work for the government in solving the heist.

There are chances that Alicia Sierra will team up with the Professor and start working for the team to make the heist successful.


Here is a tweet from one of the fan



6. Berlin is Alicia Sierra’s husband

berline and alicia

Berlin was suffering from a mysterious disease, and he knew that there is a minimal scope of survival for him.

Alicia revealed that her husband, German, died of cancer. All these connections are triggering the belief among the fans that there’s something between Alicia and Berlin.

Berlin is the capital city of Germany, and Alicia’s husband’s name was also ‘German.’ So we guess this stands as a significant reason behind this speculation.

5.Tatiana Will Help The Police


In the previous season, we have seen Berlin marrying a girl named Tatiana. Despite of the frequent warnings from the Professor, Berlin was found sharing details about the heist to Tatiana

Till now, it is evident that Berlin’s relationship with Tatiana comes to an end. There is a very high possibility that Tatiana knows everything about the plan, and she might end up helping the police.


4. Tokyo Is The Only Survivor

Tokyo money heist scaled

Since the very beginning of the series, it was Tokyo who was narrating the whole story in the past tense.

The biggest question here is, why only Tokyo? Fans believe that she will be the last one standing and describing the entire incident in prison or in a chamber where a course of torcher is waiting for her.


3. Tatiana And Alicia Are Related

Tatiana and Alicia

There are many similarities between Alicia and Tatiana. The way Alicia is predicting the Professor’s moves is quite surprising.

Still, there are many barriers to make this assumption into a concrete Theory. Though both of them know of certain events, they have a significant age difference.


2.The Team Will Escape From The Main Door

Money heist

Though they are making the gold bars into gold nuggets so that they can carry it quickly, the actual reason might be something else.

The actual motive of this heist is saving Rio, not making money, and unlike the last time,  the team has not dug any tunnel for their escape this time.

So fans are assuming that the team may blast the gold nuggets into the crowd and plan for an easy escape from the main door of the Bank of Spain.


1. Berlin is alive and will return in the next season

money heist Berlin

Berlin is one of the most-loved characters in ‘Money Heist. He is humorous and never likes to leave his work incomplete.

Berlin and the Professor both are the architects of the heists. It is hard to believe that a person like Berlin who is in love with his wife Tatiana didn’t give the Professor a message to pass on to his wife before he was dying.

So there is a very high chance that Berlin is in police custody.

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