Moon Knight episode 2 provides a tease for why the Ennead banished Khonshu.

The new Marvel and Disney+ shows have already utilized advanced technology and more to give their main characters superpowers. However, Moon Knight opens the supernatural things up in a way that it seems like the Egyptian moon God was originally an avatar – or representative – of Marc Spector years before the Disney + show begins. The second episode of the series, in this regard, highlights how his acts as an avatar got him into trouble with his fellow deities.

It’s no secret that Moon Knight has been dealing with mental illness. The first episode of the series revealed this in the first moments of the show and also added that Marc Spector likely suffers from dissociative identity disorder as a result of his multiple personalities.

Episode 2 delves deeper into Spector’s relationship with Khonshu and how the Egyptian moon God played a hand in bringing out several new personalities and fighting techniques within Spector. It is the exact same episode where the Disney+ series reveals that other Egyptian gods, Ennead, banished Khonshu in the past.

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Moon Knight
Marvel and Disney+ Moon Knight

Who Is Khonshu?

In the comic world, Khonshu is a God of Egyptian mythology who takes on the persona of Moon Knight to avenge his lover. In some instances he’s also known as “The Protector” and he serves as a guardian for travelers at the night. While by nature he can’t affect Earth directly, Khonshu chooses mortal proxies to help create change on the planet in an indirect sort of way.

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Khonshu in Moon Knight
Marvel and Disney+ Moon Knight

Why Did The Egyptian God Banished Khonshu?

Khonshu’s banishment by other gods stems from a fundamental difference in his ideology. Khonshu makes it clear through his Avatars that he has no interest in abiding by godly laws and would rather seek retribution for those who deserve it. However, Khonshu delivered a blow to Ennead, the Egyptian deity who believed in justice for all. In doing so, Khonshu’s actions starkly contrasted with Ennead and forced the Egyptian gods to make a choice between following their philosophy or agreeing with Khonshu on his own system of justice.

The results of this conflict likely led the gods to give up hope that they could change Khonshu. This prompted them to banish him from their realm until he could see things from the perspective of the rest of them once more.

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Ennead in Moon Knight
The Ennead in the comic world

Khonshu has been portrayed as a Moon God in the Marvel universe. Yet, it is unclear why he got banished in the MCU timeline. There are indications that he had Avatars before Marc Spector and Arthur Harrow. But it is equally possible that Khonshu chose to reincarnate himself within mortals only after his banishment. The series showcases how Khonshu manifested itself within Khonshu’s Avatars and how these later Avatars are used as a source of power for both God and an Avatar specially chosen by him for accomplishing a goal related to him.

With that being said, Marvel’s Moon Knight Episode 1 and Episode 2 are available to stream on Disney+.

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