What di you know about Marvel’s Anti-Hero Vampire hero? Pretty much nothing we reckon! Well here are a few facts about Michael Morbius we bet you never knew.

He Was Only Created After Changes Were Made To Comic Codes & Regulations

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A Weird Origin Story

Back in the Fifties and the Sixties, the Comics Code Authority was the one on the steering wheel. It made all necessary rules and regulations that governed all comic book publications. In 1971, the regulations became a bit relaxed. Marvel decided to take advantage and create a vampire themed villain. The original plan was to make Dracula fight Spider-Man. But Stan Lee’s desire to create an all new supervillain led to the creation of Morbius, the living vampire.

Morbius Created A Massive Rift Between Spider-Man & The Lizard That Continues To This Day

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The Lizard

When Morbius started getting his hunger for blood, he rampaged across New York, leaving behind a trail of bite marks. The Lizard and Spider-Man became an unlikely team, joining forces to stop Morbius. But there was another objective. Morbius’ blood supposedly had the cure to the Lizard’s as well as Spider-Man’s mutation. The two fought the vampire but things didn’t go exactly as planned. The rift has created major animosity between the two that continues to this day.

Teamed Up With Spider-Man To Fight Carnage

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Maximum Carnage

The guy is not a villain in the traditional sense of the term. He was a victim of circumstances which led him to become a bloodthirsty predator. But later on, Morbius learned the error of his ways. He even tried to be a force for good. During the Maximum Carnage storyline, Spider-Man teamed up with the vampire to defeat Cletus Kasady. Morbius helps Spider-Man subdue a mob after Shriek unleashes them into New York.

Spider-Man’s Blood Is His Cure

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Morbius is after Spider-Man because of a very specific reason. Peter Parker‘s blood is the cure he needs. Morbius has had several close encounters with being fully cured. One time, he drank Spider-Man’s blood while suddenly being struck by lightning. The unusual incident seemingly cured Morbius. But he later found out that he still had a thirst for human blood. Later on, the guy returned back to being a vampiric vigilante.

His First Victim Was His Best Friend

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No One Is Safe

Morbius is probably the most under-rated Spider-Man villain. His origin story is also very complex and noteworthy. Morbius had a best friend named Niko. Niko was just as much a genius as Morbius and had been his childhood pal. When Morbius got infected with the vampiric symptoms, Niko was the first one to come to his aid. He was actually trying to help cure Morbius in the comics when the latter lst control and murdered him to drink his blood.

His Kryptonite – Demonic Possession

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Demons Find Him Easy To Possess

Since Morbius has a massive hunger for blood, he can become mentally and emotionally vulnerable if he doesn’t have access to it for too long. In this state, Morbius is highly susceptible to demonic possession, something that has happened to him quite a few times in Marvel Comics. As a result, even his own allies find it hard to trust him because Morbius has done some pretty heinous things when under possession unbeknownst to everyone.

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