The CW took some real trouble to craft a superhero series which would fit perfectly in the era and yet stay loyal to the DC’s comic characters.

The Arrowverse is full of characters and it’s but obvious that it’s full of powerful weapons so that the superheroes can fight any threat at any point of time. Here are the most powerful weapons!

1. Kryptonite Arrows

Kryptonite Arrows

It blew our minds when Kryptonite arrows were introduced in the Crisis on Earth – X crossover.
These arrows were used when the Nazi version of Kara Danvers was affected by the arrow shot at her by Green Arrow. When Oliver was questioned about the arrow by Supergirl, he replied. “in case an evil you ever showed up.”

2. Totems of Zambesi

Totems of Zambesi

Zambesi tribes created the Totems to fight the attackers and each Totem represents the elements of air, spirit, water, fire, earth and death which can grant the wielders that particular ability. The totems are not only powerful when they are together, but also when they are separated.

They are even linked to each other and can create bonds with their totem bearer, this connection makes it difficult for the bearers to remove their totems if the bond has been created.

3. Book of Destiny

Book of Destiny

The Book of Destiny grants the wielder the power to shape the reality as they want, making the book one of the most powerful weapon. The book made many appearances and was the centre plot in Elseworlds Arrowverse crossover and was also used by Lex Luthor during the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths.

John Deegan once made Oliver and Barry powerless and even trapped Supergirl. These events prove that how powerful the Book of Destiny is and what can be achieved by it, is more than anyone can imagine.

4. Cold Gun and Heat Gun

Cold Gun and Heat Gun

These weapons appeared in The Flash series and are used by Captain Cold and Heat Wave. The freeze gun was created by Cisco Ramon in order to stop The Flash if he ever chose to misuse his abilities for the worse. The heat gun on the other hand, can shoot fire at anything and anyone.

The guns are very much self explanatory and maybe not sound that cool or powerful, but they are definitely powerful enough to take down Flash and even help the Legends of Tomorrow.

5. Khushu Idol

Khushu Idol

Mystical things are not to be messed with and Khushu idol is one of such weapons from the Arrowverse universe. The weapon allows the user to draw the power of dark magic and even their psychical and physical abilities.

What makes this idol more threatening is that it can feed off a fear and even death. The power is so addictive that the user can become insane as well. Damien Darhk was in possession of the idol in the fourth season of Arrow and he became immensely powerful and killed Laurel Lance.

6. Spear of Destiny

Spear of Destiny

In order to be able to wield this artifact, the wielder must be in possession of the same and also read from the book of Kalabos. The wielder can then bend the reality as per their wish and even accomplish anything they want too.

Thus, this weapon is powerful, but can also become dangerous if it falls in hands of a bad person. This makes the spear one of the most powerful weapon in the Arrowverse and we saw that Legion of Doom had almost succeeded… which could have meant the end of our favorite superheroes.

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