Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, productions were delayed, movie cinemas were shut down and we had to wait for the release of our favorite movies. But thankfully, in 2021, things settled down and it was the year of bounce back for the films. We got some great films that were successful critically as well as commercially.

Some of these films deserve a rewatch over and over again. These films actually benefit from a second view so as the viewer can pick up and appreciate the hints and plots as the story goes on. Some of the films have heavy themes so another viewing could make the audiences get a better understanding.

1. The Green Knight

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The film is inspired by Sir Gawain and The Green Knight is based on King Arthur’s nephew as he leaves on a journey to confront the Green Knight. On his way, he also comes across some unique creatures and characters.

The movie is thoughtful and reflective and with a complex and deep theme, it would be easier for the viewers to understand the “message” and appreciate the film while evaluating it if they watch it for the second time. It gets technical too and has amazing acting, great direction, jaw-dropping visuals, and gripping characters. These things collectively make the film rewatchable!

2. Nightmare Alley

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The movie is set in 1940s New York and revolves around Stanton Carlisle. He is a conman clairvoyant who uses his observational skills and verbal clues to manipulate the crowd. But then he wants to go for a big score and he hatches a scheme to con a dangerous tycoon with help from a psychiatrist.

Nightmare Alley is Guillermo del Toro’s best and most grounded film. The production design is mind-blowing, a moving score, and the film is full of thought-provoking messages about human nature. The film is easily one of the most haunting films of the year. The twists definitely make it worth a rewatch.

3. King Richard

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The film is based on the true story of Venus and Serena Williams’ rise in the world of tennis. King Richard is a movie about their father, Richard Williams who went on to do everything in his power to train daughters and guide them to be dominant irrespective of how many sacrifices or difficult decisions they have to make to achieve their goals. (We are so thankful to Richard Willaims for this)

Will Smith has done an amazing job as the lead and it is his graceful acting while portraying Richard Williams, and that is exactly what separated King Richard from other sports films. The movie is inspiring and a feel-good story which is a total crowd-pleaser. Will Smith could actually stand a chance to win an Oscar for his role.

4.  Finch

apple tv finch

The movie premise is set like this, ‘ A robot is living on post-apocalyptic earth which was built to protect the life of his dying creator’s dog, the robot learns about love, friendship and all that what it means to be a human.’

The film is a sweet road trip film that focuses on a relationship between to robot and his father figure. Tom Hanks is Finch and he delivers another masterpiece (just Tom Hanks things) and Caleb Landry Jones’ voice as robot brings a next-level optimism to the role.

5. C’mon C’mon

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C’mon C’mon is a black and white film that revolves around a radio journalist Johnny who is an emotional person and travels to interview kids about their thoughts on the world and their future. He ends up with his nephew after his sister is forced to get out of the town. He has no clue about how to care for the boy, yet he develops a strong bond with the kid.

It is a small yet intimate story and the performances from Woody Norman and Joaquin Phoenix are outstanding. The way they bring all the emotions and reliability in their characters makes it an emotional film that everyone would like to watch over and over again.

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