Over the years, Batman has faced some iconic villains in the comic book history. All these villains are different from each other and have their own ways to traumatize our hero. While there are some villains like Joker and Scarecrow keep appearing, there have been some really underrated characters like Killer Croc and Mister Freeze.
Most of these villains have their own reasons to choose the path of crime and today we will tell you about the five most dangerous villains Batman has faced, ever.

5. Hush
He is a great strategist and a master manipulator. He has had his own issues with Bruce Wayne in the past and when we came to know about Bruce’s real identity, it turned into a battle.
He has taken the Dark Knight down and has mostly been a step ahead of Batman, which makes him the fifth most dangerous enemy to be faced by Batman.

4. Bane
He is known as the guy who ‘broke’ the Bat. Bane hid himself inside the Wayne Manor after sending a team of villains to take Batman down. Once Batman returned tired after facing all the villains, Bane attacked him and snapped his back.
He’s really strong and is a master combatant and if you’re in a fight against him, chances are that you’ll go home with a few broken bones.

3. The Joker
The Joker is seen as the greatest villain to be faced by Batman. He’s the exact opposite of Batman as he’s an agent of chaos and anarchy.
He’s a master planner and has no goal than to see Gotham burn to ashes.

2. Ra’s Al Ghul
He’s the leader of the League of Assassins and he doesn’t really like Batman. He’s always prepared to kill anyone who is stopping the society to move forward and is often seen serving as a judge, jury and executioner.
He has had the best training in combating and can outfight Batman on any given day. He even has the Lazarus Pit which allows to live eternally.

1. Deathstroke
He’s the most dangerous Batman villain ever. As we all know, Deathstroke is one of the most deadly assassins in the comic world and has the right skills, equipment and powers to bring down the Dark Knight.
While Deathstroke hardly fights personal wars, we’re certain that if he’s assigned to kill Batman, he won’t give up until he gets his head on the table. This quality of not giving up makes him the most deadly Batman enemy ever.

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