There are some movies considered cult classics and have zillion fans too. We watch it once, we fall in love with the plot, the character, or even the acting. But then when you watch these classic films multiple times, you notice things and realize that the movie is actually terrible.

Fans have taken the internet to call out these really classic films stating that they are just bad and even inappropriate. Please note these are the views of fans and it’s going to get controversial so don’t tell us we didn’t warn you! Brace yourselves!

1. Love Actually – 2003

Films that get worse after multiple watches
Love Actually is actually a senseless film

This film is literally a go-to Christmas movie for many right? Everyone knows the plot: The movie is based in London and revolves around 8 couples who are dealing with their relationships in different ways.

But two Redditors have different opinions. u/dinosaurgasm- said they tried to watch the film so many times but just couldn’t get themselves to complete the film. While u/insane__knight feels that the movie is actually full of “unhealthy relationships intertwined together“.

2. Fight Club – 1999

Movies that keep on getting bad
Fight Club seems a legendary film at the first watch but then it’s just all violence and promotes it

A legendary film that revolves around an unhappy guy. He is unhappy with his life and forms an underground fight club with a soap salesman. Their venture turns into something really sinister. We know most people love the film the first time they watch it, but not everyone.

Redditor u/gtbuzzed was a fan too when the film first came out. But upon rewatching the film, after all, these years they realized it’s not as interesting as the hype is and it’s just “boring violence.”

3. The Breakfast Club – 1985

Movies that get bad upon every watch
The teenagers are actually annoying in the Breakfast Club. Who behaves like this?

The film is about 5 high school students who all have extremely different mindsets and are going through detainment in their school library. But then as time goes on, they become good friends.

But Redditor u/Empty-Refrigerator has a view that will change how you think about the film. They don’t get the hype about it and say it might look all cool but if you watch it closely, it’s just a film about irritating kids who just are rude to the teacher for no damn reason and then they smoke and dance. It’s just pathetic.

4. Pretty Woman – 1990

Movies that are actually bad
A still from Pretty Woman

Man, people love this film, right? Edward is a rich businessman and hired Vivian a prostitute to accompany him to some social events. But then he falls in love with her and we see them trying to fill the gap between the two separate worlds.

However, u/seanye- feels that Edward was a “d*ck” and the whole story was “meh.”

5. A Christmas Story – 1983

Movies that keep getting bad
A Christmas Story is in no way a Christmas movie

The film revolves around Ralphie Parker who spends time dodging a bully and dreaming of his Christmas gift aka the Red Ryder Air Rifle. He has a really cranky father and an extremely caring mother. Well, people did like the movie when they first watched it but then it gets weird when you rewatch it.

Redditor u/Intelligent-Badger15 pointed out that the movie was actually unfunny and every character is terrible. No normal person has a Christmas experience like the one they showed in the film.

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