Not a remarkable ‘Experience With Sylvester Stallone’

Sylvester Stallone
The show featuring Sylvester Stallone went wrong

Sylvester Stallone was scheduled to go to an event titled “Experience With Sylvester Stallone LIVE”, organized by Experience With. The show was supposed to be a chance for fans to see their favorite star. This would be an interactive session where they would turn back the clock and get to see the Rambo star up-close.

Some had also paid a special fee, for getting a chance to meet the star personally. There were a lot of options available to the folks, some premium ones, which cost $750-$1250 for a meet and greet and with a pic with the legend as well. That would have been some experience, right?

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Sylvester Stallone left because he wasn’t feeling 100% (or did he?)

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Sylvester Stallone couldn’t give a signed photo to everyone

But it wasn’t meant to be. What ended up happening was that the 76-year-old couldn’t meet all the people he was supposed to. The event managers had sold more photo-op packages than could be accommodated and in the end, a lot of people, according to some sources, 300, couldn’t get their photo-op done. The organizers sent the following mail to the aggrieved parties:

“The reason the photos did not go as planned is that Mr. Stallone had to leave the event earlier then expected and was not feeling 100%. Our events can be very demanding, we have to respect the celebrities wishes at all times.”

But Stallone’s team has clarified that Experience With had sold more photo-op packages than could be done in the agreed time limit. According to his team, he stayed for longer than he was supposed to.

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‘Experience With’ had to pay up

Sylvester Stallone
‘Experience With’ had to reimburse people who couldn’t get their photos done

No matter what was true, Experience With was put under immense pressure from all corners by the fans. In the end, they had no option but to go all out to offer relief to the people who didn’t get what they want. They informed TMZ that the people who didn’t get their photos taken with Stallone would be reimbursed.

It also clarified that The Expendables star had gone through 60% of the photo-ops. So only a little over 100 people were left, not 300, as was being said online. They have offered the customers the option to seek a full refund or the option to attend another event with Sylvester Stallone in the future.

We doubt people would want to take that risk again.

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Source: TMZ

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