Ana de Armas, the Cuban-born luminary who has just earned her inaugural Oscar nomination for her captivating embodiment of the iconic Marilyn Monroe in Netflix’s acclaimed Blonde, ingeniously wove a heartwarming tapestry of anecdotes into her opening monologue on the legendary stage of Saturday Night Live. In a moment that showcased the intimate camaraderie that often flourishes behind the scenes of Hollywood’s grand spectacles, Ana De Armas recollected her auspicious beginnings in the U.S. movie industry. It was on the set of her debut American film, Hands of Stone, that she found herself in the company of none other than the legendary Robert De Niro.

Ana De Armas
Ana De Armas

Her eyes gleamed with emotion as she recounted how this venerable figure not only shared words of encouragement but took an extraordinary step further by surprising her father with an unexpected visit. It was a charming reminder that success comes in unexpected packages, often whispering its presence in the most delightful of ways. However, the pinnacle of Armas’ achievement reached its excellence as she stood before the illustrious SNL audience. With a real sense of being humble and feeling really excited, she confidently said that being on Saturday Night Live was the very top, the most special part of her journey up until now.

Ana De Armas’ Heartfelt Story of Robert De Niro’s Surprising Gesture

Robert De Niro
Robert De Niro

In her Saturday Night Live opening monologue, the Cuban-born actress Ana De Armas recounted a memorable incident from the set of her first U.S. film, Hands of Stone, where she worked alongside the iconic Robert De Niro. He casually mentioned that if he ever went to Cuba, he’d greet her family, and even asked for their contact information. The memory slipped her mind until a day when her father called in a state of excitement, revealing that Robert De Niro had surprised him with a visit at work.

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“That was such a kind gesture, and I have been so fortunate to work with so many wonderful actors. My dad was so proud of me, and he would be proud to see me today standing on this stage. I feel very lucky to be here.”

The unexpected warmth of Robert De Niro’s response left her utterly stunned, yet she couldn’t help but be touched by the genuine kindness he displayed. The incident became a delightful anecdote in the tapestry of her journey, a testament to the unexpected connections that can blossom in the world of showbiz.

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Ana De Armas Reflects on Magical Milestones in SNL Monologue

Ana De Armas
Ana De Armas

Ana de Armas made her Saturday Night Live debut on the famous platform of Studio 8H with a poignant opening monologue that delved deep into her extraordinary voyage in the entertainment industry. The stage became a canvas upon which the actress painted her narrative, each word a stroke that portrayed her experiences, hopes, and dreams. The fusion of humor and heartfelt emotion painted a vivid picture of her path, and as she stood beneath the spotlight. With a playful glint in her eye, the esteemed actress artfully recounted her initiation into the English language, drawing laughter from the crowd by revealing her unconventional yet relatable method – immersing herself in the beloved television series Friends.

However, it was a proclamation of personal triumph that truly resonated, as Armars’ voice swelled with emotion. “This has been a magical year.” she declared. An Oscar nomination stood as a testament to her artistic prowess, an achievement that took her craft to towering heights. Yet, the pinnacle of her accomplishments was set to unfold in a mere three weeks – the culmination of her journey into American citizenship. The pride in her voice was palpable as Ana De Armars delved into the significance of her impending citizenship.

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Source: ET Canada

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