Ana De Armas, the well-known Cuban-Spanish actress, is on the rise in her acting career. She began her career in Cuba, and today she’s a successful star in Hollywood. The actress has worked with numerous big-name filmmakers and played some ground-breaking roles. De Armas gained considerable acclaim for her performance as Marilyn Monroe in the film Blonde.

Ana de Armas
Ana de Armas

The 35-year-old has an impressive record of films such as Blade RunnerKnives OutDeep WaterBlondeThe Gray Man, and No Time to Die. The Spanish actress is often in the spotlight for her successful acting career. However, Ana De Armas is in the media as fans are trolling the actress for her no-make-up look. A picture of the Blonde star donning her natural look went viral on social media, and fans took no time to criticize the actress. 

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Ana De Armas flauts her natural look

Ana de Armas
Ana de Armas

Ana De Armas is one of the leading actresses in the industry. She has starred in many successful movies and is often in the spotlight for the same. The actress is recently in the limelight as she flaunts her no-make-up look while strolling the streets.

The 35-year-old was captured by the paparazzi in public in a black dress with no makeup. She styled the outfit with minimal jewelry. She wore a long neckpiece and finished it with a black bag.

The Blonde star was unbothered by her look and seemed confident about it. The Hollywood industry has set a stand for actresses to look elegant all the time. Social media has become a platform for such people to troll actresses who decide to ditch the heavy makeup and be themselves.

Hollywood celebrities struggle to keep their private lives secret as they are surrounded by media. They experience adversity as a result of their personal appearance, decisions, and relationships. The public is always picking apart and criticizing all of these things. The recent target became Ana De Armas due to her natural look.

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Fans troll Ana De Armas for her no-make-up look

Ana De Armas
Ana De Armas

Ana De Armas wowed audiences with her outstanding performance in the film Blonde. Her demeanor, acting, and attractiveness were all out of in the world, so much so that she became a superstar with just one large Netflix feature.
The actress became the target of fans as she was spotted with a no-make-up look. People took to Twitter to criticize the actress. Some tweeted:




However, there were some fans of the actress, who came in support to shut the trollers. They pointed out how in 2023, people are bashing celebrities for being themselves. They tweeted:


Hollywood industry, with its all glamour and glitter, has set unrealistic beauty standards. Fortunately, many celebrities have used their platforms in recent years to encourage change, resilience, and self-empowerment. Ana De Armas is one of those celebrity who is wearing her no-makeup look confidentially.

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