Kendall Jenner began her career in the entertainment industry in 2007 with the reality television series Keeping Up With The Kardashians, which brought her fame and attention. She is now worth millions of dollars thanks to her modeling career and the 818 Tequila brand. Jenner has walked for Victoria’s Secret and served as a brand ambassador for a range of brands, in addition to starring in many international Vogue editions.

Kendall Jenner throws a launch party for 818 Tequila in Dubai

Kendall Jenner
Kendall Jenner

Recently, celebrities from around the world attended the grand opening of Dubai’s brand new luxury hotel, Atlantis The Royal on Palm Jumeirah. To celebrate her tequila brand, supermodel Kendall Jenner also threw an after-party at the hotel’s Club 22.

The 27-year-old socialite appeared in the video looking miserable as she talked about her experiences in the United Arab Emirates while she was conversing with a group of friends at the party. “I’ve done this three times. The first two occasions were awful! Dear God! “ She was quoted saying.

What caught everyone’s attention was a Tiktok after-party clip in which the supermodel was seen ridiculing her trips to Dubai during the extravagant star-studded opening.

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Fans slammed Kendall Jenner for complaining about lavish trips to Dubai

Kendall Jenner
Source: Instagram

The trending excerpt was posted by a tiktok user, and ever since, the model has been criticized and labeled as entitled and delusional. Her supporters reacted angrily to the news and ranted about her behavior.

The video received millions of views, and one user commented under it, “Kendall seems so false, forced, and attention-seeking at the party.” One more wrote, “Kendall comes across as snobby, delusional, and entitled.”

“There are numerous things she could be talking about, including the event or the venue.” Haters will hate nonetheless. yet another rant. “She’s talking about 818,” one commenter joked, referring to the Kardashian family star’s tequila line. Another person commented: “She really gives off a bad vibe.” Sorry, not sorry.

The 818 launch is just one of many high-profile events happening at Atlantis The Royal this weekend as the resort welcomes visitors for the first time after eight years in the making.

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Kendall Jenner launched her 818 Tequila brand in the United Arab Emirates

Kendall Jenner
Source: Twitter

In the Tiktok video, the model could be seen wearing a green dress with shoulder-length black gloves.

In a toast to the launch, Kendall Jenner said,

“We’re thrilled to be bringing our award-winning 818 Tequila to Dubai and kicking off with such a beautiful celebration at the stunning new Atlantis The Royal.”

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Kendall Jenner previously traveled to Dubai to ring in 2015 on New Year’s Eve with her celebrity friends Cody Simpson, Gigi Hadid, and Selena Gomez. Jenner, the proud owner of 818 tequila, brought it to the Dubai hotel’s opening this year, with guests sharing videos and photos of themselves drinking it.

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