MCU’s Eternals ended with the possibility of Dane Whitman played by Kit Harington returning to the screen in the future. And for a while, there has been a rumor that the actor might be in MCU’s 2025 project Blade as the Black Knight. But it does not seem to be so as Harington recently addressed the rumor.

While he did express his wish for the studio to explore the character more in future projects, as far as it is known, Whitman or The Black Knight has very little chance to be appearing in Blade. However, it does not mean that the character won’t be coming back at all.

Kit Harington Addresses Rumors of Him Appearing in Blade

Kit Harington
Kit Harington

There has been a rumor going around the MCU community that the studio’s upcoming project Blade will see Kit Harington return on screen as his character Dave Whitman or The Black Knight. It has been a topic of interest since 2021’s Eternals showed Whitman taking on a black sword in the post-credits scene. However, the actor recently shed light on the rumors during a panel in Texas.

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The good part is that he is as much eager to see his MCU character get explored more in future projects as anyone. And he seemed affirmative of Dave Whitman’s return to the screen.

Kit Harington in Eternals
Kit Harington in Eternals

However Harington denied the rumor about his character’s involvement in Blade saying,

“He was never meant to be in the ‘Blade’ movie and isn’t.”

Furthermore, the actor did reveal what he wants the studio to focus on regarding the character of Whitman. According to Harington, there are many interesting aspects of his MCU character such as his addiction and mental health issues that could be explored more in future projects.

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More on Kit Harington’s Dave Whitman/The Black Knight And Its Future In MCU

Kit Harington
Kit Harington

When considering the possibility of the Marvel character Dave Whitman’s return, there seem to be various opportunities. First of all, the sequel for Eternals (2021) seems to have the highest chance of having Kit Harington return as the character. In the film’s post-credit scene, Whitman was seen opening a box containing the black sword. This most probably means that Whitman is going to take up the mantle of the Black Knight.

However, as of now, there has been no confirmation on Eternals 2 by MCU. Apart from that, the character almost could appear in MCU’s Moon Knight. But eventually, things did not end up as such.

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