This concept art from Justice League reveals Darkseid’s first attempt at conquering Earth. Zack Snyder’s time at DCEU is over now. He directed BvS: Dawn of Justice, Man of Steel and Justice League. Although Snyder left Justice League following the death of his daughter before its completion, he’s still considered as the man behind the film. This also meant that Snyder’s initial five-film plan got scrapped out way too quickly.

Even though Snyder’s days at DC are over, he keeps informing fans about his original plans on Twitter. He recently confirmed Batman’s lines in Justice League, teasing the arrival of Darkseid. However, the film never went to Apokolips but some recent photos reveal murals from a deleted scene, teasing Darkseid’s history in the universe.

This came via Twitter user @mehtoall who seems to have found the connection between the previous concept art and mural art from Justice League. The first image below showed Amazonians, Atlanteans and humans charging towards a figure that could either be Steppenwolf or Darkseid. However, when paired with this concept art, it looks like a younger version of Darkseid midst a war.

This could be one of the ways Snyder planned to introduce Darkseid in Justice League. An appearance of his younger self would’ve been an easier way to introduce audiences to Darkseid. Snyder had planned to include him as the main villain in Justice League 2, with Justice League’s original ending putting Steppenwolf at the mercy of Darkseid.

These teases and reveals from Snyder are the closest we will get to see and for now, we do have a slight idea of what his plans for the films were, but what’s troublesome is its execution; something that will never pan out.

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