The Walt Disney Company sent out an official slate of upcoming films from all of its various properties on Tuesday morning, showing the plans of certain franchises all the way through 2027.   Now we have plenty of clarity about the next couple and what Disney is choosing to do with everything it acquired after purchasing 21st Century Fox. New Mutants, the X-Men based film that Fox was originally supposed to release last year.

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New Mutants Release Date set For April 13

Several Issues with the production of New Mutants

There have been several problems with the production of New Mutants, including a round of reshoots to make the film more frightening, though those never actually happened. Some of them wondered if Disney would ever actually release the movie now that the House of Mouse owns it but it looks as though it will indeed see the light of the day.

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Release date

In the announcement of the upcoming movie slate Disney revealed that it has moved The New Mutants off of its August 2019 release date, instead choosing to give the film its debut on April 13, 2020.Yaaay!

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Still from New Mutants

The New Mutants was reportedly going to endure a massive round of reshoots in order to make the film scarier for audiences. However, before that could happen, Disney also purchased Fox and the rights to the movie. With ,’The New Mutants’ apparently being an issue for Fox and the pending introduction of the X-Men into the MCU,release of the movie seemed like it might not ever happen.

Yes, Disney delayed New Mutants once again, but this announcement means obviously  that the company still does has plans to put it into theaters. The new release date is also good for Disney considering that there will be two Marvel movies hitting theaters in 2020. While The New Mutants likely won’t be as successful at the box office as films from the MCU, it will still help fill the void between Spider-Man: Far From Home and whatever Marvel’s next  film is.

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