Spider-Man Far From Home has given us a totally new name for the Thanos’ snap. And it is a perfect name for all the tragedy and the drama that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has seen.

Spider-Man Far From Home
Spider-Man and MJ in Spider-Man: Far From Home

The Avengers came face to face with their most dangerous enemy Thanos in 2018’s Avengers: Infinity War. And in a very stunning way, they lost against him. The movie instilled a lot of suspense and drama in the heart of the fans, making them eager to know how their favourite heroes win against this Villain. How they turn around this great loss since Thanos swiped half the universe.


Thanos’s Snap Got A Name?

Thanos and Spider-Man
Thanos and Spider-Man

Just after a few days off Avengers Infinity war was released, Marvel Studios announced that the name for the Thanos’ snap was “the decimation”. This name suited it perfectly because of all the chaos it created.

However, Hulk snapped back everyone in Endgame. Thus, everyone was back to their loved ones, including our favourite heroes. Some sacrificed themselves too like Black Widow and Iron-Man for this win.


Peter Meets His Friends


The full impact of the decimation is yet to be explored. But for now, we see Peter meeting his friends in school.

Since Ant-man and The Wasp and  Captain Marvel taking place in a different MCU timeline, Spider-Man Far From Home is the only one that gives us a glimpse of what state the universe is in after the decimation.


Name For The Decimation Changes


As much as the destination suited the name for the snap comma in far from home it is revealed that it is now known as “the Blip”. The name sure sounds downgraded right?

This name show sounds funny and silly for an act so serious. However, the name is ironic and makes perfect sense because everyone ultimately returned, those were snapped away by Thanos.

Also, this new name suits the lighter tone of the new Spider-Man movie. The previous two Avenger movies were quite emotional and even had depressing moments. Russo brothers wanted to show the world the impact of Thanos’ action in those movies.

In Spider-Man far from home, they wanted to show a refreshing MCU, and “The Blip” makes the perfect name for that.




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