WandaVision is one of the most anticipated Disney+ show. But its plot details have been kept pretty tight. It looks like Marvel is keeping its cards close to its chest but that has come to an end since new plot details have surfaced regarding WandaVision. There are a lot of things which one can ask about the show. But the primary one without which WandaVision cannot exist is about the character whose name forms the latter half of the title card. The main question has always been how does Vision come back?

But another another pivotal question is- who is the villain of WandaVision?

New Wanda Vision Plot Leak Teases The Return Of An Old MCU Villain

New Plot Leaks About WandaVision

WandaVision will be set after the events of Endgame. Pic courtesy: meaww.com
WandaVision will be set after the events of Endgame. Pic courtesy: meaww.com

Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany will reunite as Scarlet Witch and Vision on the Disney+ WandaVision show. WandaVision will be set after the events of Endgame. As for plot leaks, the only thing fans have been able to know till now is that WandaVision will be connected to Dr. Strange 2. But there’s a new rumour in town courtesy of a 4Chan user who has claimed to be working on the series (yeah we kinda rolled our eyes as well) but hear this out. The information that the 4Chan user gave about WandaVision actually matches with the details above. But before we tell you more, beware of potential spoilers for WandaVision. Here it goes:

It’s been said that after the events of Endgame, a homeless and depressed Wanda tries to adapt to a new world. But after a while, a mysterious woman named Agatha offers a helping hand to Wanda by creating a pocket dimension where she can live happily ever after alongside Vision and her two newborn babies, named Wiccan and Speed.

But Agatha isn’t all that she seems. She appears in the pocket dimension to kill Wanda when her kids grow older, which they do just after a week has passed (major Reneesmee vibes here from twilight).  While all this is going on, Darcy Lewis (from Thor and Thor: The Dark World) and Monica Rambeau (from Captain Marvel) help an FBI agent look into a case about Agatha. As one can imagine this will lead them to Wanda’s pocket universe.

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Lotsa Cameo Appearances At WandaVision

Dr. Strange is all but confirmed to appear in WandaVision. Pic courtesy: latestly.com
Dr. Strange is all but confirmed to appear in WandaVision. Pic courtesy: latestly.com

If these spoilers are right then WandaVision could turn out to be something really amazing. Apart from the plot details, some major cameos have also been leaked. Major appearances include Ultron and Dr. Strange. Other guest appearances of Dick Van Dyke and Carol Burnett will also be possible. Both of them will appear as an elderly couple living right next door to Wanda and Vision. Lashana Lynch is also said to reprise her role as an elderly Maria Rambeau (with CGI) and Kathryn Hahn will portray Agatha, the miniseries’ main antagonist. There are also little leaks regarding how Wanda will finally be called the Scarlet Witch or how she will get her cosmic powers in WandaVision have come forth as well.

Overall, this is certainly very exciting for sure. But we would recommend that you take these leaks with a lot of salt. But the Dr. Strange cameo at the end and Agatha playing a major role in the series have been leaked before as well. So it won’t be surprising if the actual plot of WandaVision turns out to be somewhere in between.

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