Miley Cyrus’ sister is once again being mocked online for her facial features. Cyrus has already generated a lot of attention for her facial features after being photographed looking drastically different. In early 2023, the 23-year-old actress was accused of undergoing cosmetic surgery to correct her facial features, including her brows, lips, and nose. After appearing on American Idol, the singer sparked yet another debate about her face.

Noah Cyrus at an event
Noah Cyrus at an event

Fans are calling out the pop star with different names, she is being compared to a poem cartoon character and a musician. 

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Netizens say Noah Cyrus is looking like Marilyn Manson

Noah Cyrus gets trolled for her face
Noah Cyrus gets trolled for her face

Noah Cyrus was a mentor on a recent episode of American Idol. Her take on the singing competition has gotten a lot of attention. Cyrus is once again being scrutinized for her facial features, particularly her fuller lips. Following her appearance on the show, the 23-year-old singer received a barrage of comments criticizing her facial features. Many internet users compared her to the nursery rhyme character Little Bo Peep. Some even claimed that the Make Me singer resembles another musician, Marilyn Manson. 

On the show, Cyrus was seen wearing a headpiece that many people thought looked like a baby bonnet. The netizens scrutinized her bleached brows and broad face once more. According to one of the users, the This is Us singer is looking old, like a 64-year-old Madonna. Cyrus has yet to respond to the recent mockery of her appearance. 

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Noah Cyrus said that she knows many people don’t like the way she looks

Noah Cyrus at an event
Noah Cyrus at an event

In early 2023, Cyrus shocked fans with her no-eyebrow look at the Paris Fashion Week. The singer was spotted for the first time with her bleached eyebrows and puffy lips that made her unrecognizable. In many of her recent Instagram posts, Cyrus posted pictures with her no-eyebrow looks that brought a lot of trolling for the singer. Many Netizens asked the singer to bring her eyebrows back and some asked her where her eyebrows went. After being trolled for a long time, Cyrus clapped back at the trolls. She said,

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“I’m so fu***ing tired of y’all commenting on every damn thing I do since I was a fu**king kid. Y’all are gon say I’m breathing wrong next. I am v aware there’s a lot of you who don’t like me or the way I look. You guys have made it very clear since I was probably younger than 12. I’m used to it. but for the younger kids, pls don’t let them grow up with that kinda hatred. It f**ks someone up just chill the f**k out???”

In many interviews, the singer has talked about the online scrutiny she has faced over the years. But Cyrus doesn’t shy away from being her unique self, just like her sister Miley. 

Source: Yahoo; Twitter

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