Along with being an entrepreneur and a successful businessman, Elon Musk is also a huge superhero comics fan. He has shared about reading a lot of comic books while growing up. And not only that, Musk has even appeared in a cameo role in Marvel Cinematic Universe’s (MCU) 2010 film Iron Man 2. Besides that, people also compare him with the fictional billionaire business magnate Tony Stark. No one knows whether he agrees with this opinion or not. But it is clear that he loves comic book stories and its characters.

In 2021, he posted an image of Dr. Manhatten (another comic book character) implying he felt the same as the character did. But more recently, the Tesla CEO has apparently been feeling more like Batman or his alter-ego Bruce Wayne. His latest cryptic post on Twitter suggests that he considers himself as the masked vigilante looking over his city. However, Batman 2 writer Mattson Tomlin apparently does not agree with the idea.

Elon Musk Compares Himself to Bruce Wayne but Batman Writer responds with a No

Elon Musk
Elon Musk

Recently Elon Musk compared himself to yet another superhero. And this time, it is none other than the masked crusader Batman or Bruce Wayne. The SpaceX founder posted a tweet on the 27th of December of Batman looking over Gotham City at night from his place. He captioned it with “Some Nights”. It was clearly a comparison between the character and himself. Apparently, Musk thinks of himself as the billionaire masked vigilante. And perhaps the “billionaire” aspect might be the same between the two. However, Batman 2 writer Mattson Tomlin does not agree that the Tesla CEO is similar to Bruce Wayne. To express his disagreement Tomlin tweeted “Nope” followed by a crying-laughing emoji over Musk’s tweet.

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Elon Musk
Elon Musk

One of the reasons that, The Boring Company founder might be drawing a comparison with the character might be due to his belief that he is a completely “free thinker”. And since he took over Twitter he has continuously pointed out his support for “free speech”. Moreover, his Twitter saga files detail how the previous board of the company let the government and the FBI interfere with people’s debate on the previous year’s elections. Musk seems to believe that he is working for society and the human population in general. And this could be why he has been comparing  himself to characters like Bruce Wayne and Dr. Manhattan.

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He Also Compared Himself to Dr. Manhattan

Elon Musk

It is not surprising when Elon Musk compares himself to comic book characters. He has himself shared his love for them and even had a cameo role in the 2010 MCU film Iron Man 2. Back in November 2021, the Tesla CEO posted an image of the Watchmen’s protagonist superhero Dr. Manhattan. The character is considered one of the most powerful superheroes ever created. And the character is known for his god complex. The image was of Dr. Manhattan sitting on a desolated planet looking at the stars all alone. And back in May this year he posted a similar image but this time the character was looking at the viewers or the “humanity”. Apparently, Musk is also on the same wavelength as the character as both of them are interested in the outer universe and helping humanity.

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