Many were expecting that after Depp won his retrial he would be returning to the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise as Captain Jack Sparrow, but to date, there has not been an announcement at all. Luckily though, it appears that instead of having a reduced role in Aquaman 2, Amber Heard’s part could get beefed up due to her increased screen time.

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Amber Heard in Aquaman
Amber Heard in Aquaman

Warner Bros. Is Currently Testing Viewers’ Reaction On Amber Heard Being In Aquaman 2 For A Longer Duration

As per the recent reports, Amber Heard will play a vital role in Aquaman 2 by appearing on screen for up to 25 minutes. A test screening will determine how she is received by moviegoers, whose reactions were previously influenced by the actor’s ongoing legal battle with her estranged husband, Johnny Depp. Now that Heard’s defamation case against Depp has been dropped, Warner Bros is free to proceed as they please with this superhero flick.

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Amber Heard will get to appear for 20-25 minutes in Aquaman 2
Amber Heard will get to appear for 20-25 minutes in Aquaman 2

This Is How Twitter Fans Are Reacting To The News

Amber Heard in the Aquaman franchise
Amber Heard (left) in the Aquaman franchise

With that being said, Amber Heard will indeed be seen in the Aquaman movie but it looks like her role might last very long due to the amount of time she is rumored to have on-screen. She has not yet been cut out entirely though and we can’t wait to see what shape this character will take!

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