The Ultron War had all Avengers stand in between Ultron and Kang, which could have destroyed time itself.


Out of all the villains that Avengers ever had, Kang the Conqueror and Ultron are rare and quite ambitious. Both of them desire dominion over the Earth that means when the Mightiest Heroes will not stand in their way, they will fight it out in Ultron War. It will ultimately destroy all of the time.

John Romita Jr. and Brian Michael Bendis revealed the Ultron War in Avengers vol. 4’s ‘Next Avengers’. In the storyline, the Avengers are seemed to be overwhelmed by some time-displaced beings. While some appeared from the past, some characters could be from Marvel’s possible futures. After getting split into teams, Captain America, Wolverine, Iron Man, and Protector travels into the future where an older version of Tony Stark explains the threat created by the Ultron War between Kang the Conqueror and Ultron.

Stark explains that Kang, who is extremely obsessed with conquest over a foe, realized that Ultron is his ultimate opponent. After continuously improving his physical and intellectual form, Ultron will become more powerful than any other being. It will be the point where Kang will strike with an army of heroes and villains from different timelines. Apparently, Ultron, after achieving a digital consciousness that can be transferred between multiple bodies, prompts Kang to manipulate time so that he could have an army to lead to victory.


The consequences do not take place all at once as Kang refuses to face Ultron, prompting more tampering with time. After his constant manipulations, Kang the Conqueror breaks the time stream that creates the day of battle to start like an apocalyptic Groundhog Day. With time collapsing around the duration of Ultron War, Stark summoned the Avengers as it was the only way to stop Kang from destroying time entirely.

While the future version of Ultron is hostile to the Avengers, the one that is present during the Ultron War is typically intelligent. He allows Kang the Conqueror to destroy him which frustrates the time-hopping villain and allows him to go in search of another challenge. It was indeed fascinating to discover how powerful each villain is and how undefeatable they become during the war.


One of the most destructive things about Kang the Conqueror is that he is limited by his sense of honor and arrogance. He is a master of time travel, which means he could kill anyone, but he still chooses to fight Ultron. The Ultron War was one of the many possible instances that showed up as a battle between Ultron and Kang. There is yet a possibility of a similar war between both of them where the multiverse would offer a significant showdown towards the ending. In the meanwhile, what Avengers can do is try to hold or stop Ultron and Kang from destructing the timeline.

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