English Albanian singer Dua Lipa is having the best time of her life. The singer-turned-actor was a part of Greta Gerwig’s magnum opus project Barbie. She was recently seen in Matthew Vaughn’s meta spy drama Argylle along with Henry Cavill, Bryce Dallas Howard, Sam Rockwell, and John Cena. The Houdini singer has previously made headlines with her peppy chartbusters.

Dua Lipa
Dua Lipa in Levitating

This time, the massive fan following has helped the singer-songwriter to break a noteworthy record on the leading music streaming platform Spotify. The Grammy Award winner’s recent achievement has left behind  Taylor Swift too.

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Dua Lipa’s 4 Songs Surpass 2 Billion Streams On Spotify

Dua Lipa has earned two Grammys, six Brit Awards, and a crazy fan following with the help of her chartbusters, which are a blend of electro-pop and R&B. She was also nominated for the Critics’ Choice Awards in the Best Song Category for her song Dance The Night. The Levitating singer added one more feather to her cap as her four songs surpassed 2 billion streams on Spotify.

Dua Lipa
Dua Lipa in Dance The Night

According to Spotify, Dua Lipa’s impressive lineup of songs includes Don’t Start Now with 2,512,405,872 streams, One Kiss with 2,075,920,299 streams, New Rules with 2,035,524,550 streams, and Levitating, which just entered the billion-dollar club.

Fans took to social media and reacted to Lipa’s newfound achievement. They went on to compare her with Taylor Swift and demanded more recognition for the Argylle actor. A fan even mentioned

She really deserves the hype fr Not like that overhyped blonde Taylor


Dua Lipa recently released her song Training Season. The single is co-written by Dua Lipa along with Tobias Jesso Jr., Caroline Ailin, and Danny L Harle.

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John Cena Talks About His Argylle Co-star Dua Lipa

During an interview with People in January 2024, wrestler turned actor John Cena spoke about his Argylle co-star Dua Lipa. The Bumblebee actor was grateful that he shot Barbie with Lipa before collaborating with her in the meta-spy drama Argylle. While reacting to Dua Lipa’s comment about him, John Cena said-

“My takeaway from that comment, which I’m very grateful for, is we shot this before Barbie, so this was her first chance to be on-screen. She was vulnerable enough to admit she was nervous. Meanwhile, I’m in front of her, Matthew Vaughn, and Henry Cavill, and I’m going, ‘You’re not alone! I’m nervous as well.’ So we began to share that. We’re both touring live performers, so we had some conversations about that and life on the road, and it just kind of spawned from there.”

Dua Lipa
Dua Lipa and John Cena in Argylle

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During an interview with Rolling Stones in February, Dua Lipa revealed that Cena is like her emotional support actor. She said-

‘I can’t do a single thing without him. I’ve loved working with him. ‘ 

In Barbie Dua Lipa played the role of Mermaid Barbie and John Cena was seen as Merman. Greta Gerwig’s Barbie was one of the biggest blockbusters of 2023.

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