Curiosity was on another level about who will play The Thing in the Fantastic Four reboot. The movie will be released on the big screens on 14 February 2025. There were many actors that were short-listed to play the role of Ben Grimm also known as The Thing. 

Daveed Diggs at an event
Daveed Diggs at an event

The makers of the movie were looking for something that can do justice to The Things character hence the hunt for the perfect actor went on for so long. As per reports, the makers of the Fantastic Four Reboot have made up their minds and have finalized one name that will be playing the role of The Thing. 

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Daveed Diggs will be reportedly playing the role of The Things in the Fantastic Four Reboot

Daveed Diggs at an event
Daveed Diggs at an event

After myriads of speculations around who will play the role of The Thing in the movie Fantastic Four Reboot, the makers are going to seal one name. Daveed Diggs will reportedly be The Thing in the movie. Fans are already excited since the news has come out that Diggs will be playing the part. Previously actors like Mila Kunis, Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, and Jonah Hill were some strong artists who were in the race to play The Thing.


For now, the makers of the movie Fantastic Four Reboot have not made any official announcement regarding signing Diggs as The Thing. People are speculating soon the makers will drop the news on social media about Diggs being part of the star cast of the upcoming Fantastic Four Reboot. The 41-year-old actor hasn’t yet commented anything on this news. He has not confirmed if he will play the role of The Thing yet.

Netizens are thrilled that Diggs will be playing the character, not Kunis or anyone. A person on Twitter wrote, “Stellar choice compared to Mila Kunis.” 

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The Makers of the Fantastic Four Reboot want to prove some points through this film 

Daveed Diggs at an event
Daveed Diggs at an event

MCU received a lot of backlash in the past and was accused of not casting many actors from particular backgrounds. As The Thing from the movie identifies as a Jew, Diggs will be the perfect choice to portray the role of The Thing. Diggs also belongs to an African American background which will add him to the list of Black superheroes. According to netizens for the makers, Diggs is the best option as he can represent the character in the best way possible.

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In the initial days of the hunt for the actor who will play The Thing in the Fantastic Four Reboot, Kunis and some other female actresses were also suggested to play The Thing. As Kunis also comes from a Jewish background it was evident that the makers wanted a Jewish actor to represent The Things to avoid any backlash.

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