As we journeyed through the twists and turns of Hawkins, Indiana, that opened up the doors of the Upside Down by Will Byers, we found ourselves deeply connected to a group of young adventurers whose bravery has captured our hearts.  Each season of Stranger Things has cast a spotlight on one of our beloved original party members, allowing them to showcase their talents and growth.

Mike Wheeler and Wills Byer’s back-breaking friendship has been in focus since the first season.  Eleven’s extraordinary powers, Dustin Hunderson’s endearing humour, and Max Mayfield’s late but impactful entrance all have taken centre stage, one member has stood on the sidelines since the very beginning.

Lucas Sinclair, the level-headed and often pragmatic voice of reason, has yet to seize the narrative spotlight. His significance to the group and the narrative, however, should not be underestimated.

Stranger Things needs a shift from Will Byers to Lucas Sinclair

Will byers in stranger things
Will byers in stranger things

As we continue to get through the mysteries of Hawkins, we have known Will Byer’s character being the mainstream since season as he introducted the gate to the up side down. Also the emotional arc created between Will Byers and Mike Wheelers friendship have made them even more important.

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But it’s high time that we start limelighting Lucas Sinclair- the character who has been under the shadow since the first season. In the 4th season of the series, it’s seen how Lucas Sinclair has played an emotional role in protecting her friend Max from the shadows of Venca and is still having a strong emotional connection with her. He stays with her at the hospital and takes care of her. Two most promising reasons for mainstreaming Lucas Sinclair are as follows:

Lucas is the ever-lasting protector of bonds


Lucas Sinclair potrayed by Caleb McLaughlin has a soft corner for Max Myfield potrayed by Sadie sink and this bond has been the strength of the storyline. He had given all efforts to protect her from the clutch of Venca.

Lucas Sinclairs deep connection with Max Mayfield serves as the cornerstone of his storyline’s potential. As the person who matters most to Max, he is uniquely positioned to spearhead efforts to rescue her from the clutches of Vecna. His fierce determination and loyalty are not just admirable traits, but powerful motivators that can drive the narrative forward.

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A fighter for the OG gang: Intelligent and resourceful

The OG gang
The OG gang

Lucas had been the strength of the OG gang, he was the most intelligent and resourceful member of the group. Since the first season, he has been showing his intelligence and high spirit in fighting Venca. Starting from the use of wrist rockets he had been showing his intelligence although it’s a bit underrated, his heroic efforts should be brought out as the face of the next season.

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What are the predictions for the final season?

Lucas Sinclair is intelligent
Lucas is intelligent

For the showdown it is predicted that Duffer directors are thinking of a time jump, also Lucas is taking care of Max in the hospital. Also, it’s predicted that while being with Max, he would return to his OG friends to bring up more resourceful ways to defeat Venca and bring back Max.

In the final season, Lucas Sinclair must be brought to the limelight. While Will Byers and all the gang members are equally important, the blend of bravery, intellect, and resourcefulness makes him the perfect fit for getting the story forward. Lastly, Lucas’s character deserves to get the limelight like the OG gang and it is anticipated that the hero wins his battle.

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