Hollywood’s most beloved couple, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, were known as the IT couple of the early ‘00s. Unfortunately, they went their separate ways in 2004. But the couple rekindled their romance almost seventeen years later, in 2021, and finally made it to the altar in 2023. JLo revealed in her newsletter the details about their engagement and, later, their Vegas wedding.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in The Greatest Love Story Never Told | Amazon Studios

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s relationship this time included the inclusion of their kids, and luckilyit was reported that their kids get along well. It was known that the two of them made a conscious effort to make the kids feel comfortable around each other, and it was an easy transition for them. But now, there have been some rumors about trouble in paradise. However, the two of them appeared together for their kids.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez put on a united front for the kids

The IT couple, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, who, according to recent reports, are facing some challenges in their marital bliss, decided to put on a united front for their kids. The singer, along with her 16-year-old daughter Emmerecently appeared alongside Ben Affleck to see his and actress Jennifer Garner’s 15-year-old daughter, Seraphina’s high school play.

According to In Touch Weekly,

Nothing would have stopped them from coming together for the kids. All the marriage drama comes second. They are putting up a united front. Jen showed up with Emme to support Seraphina.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez put on a united front for kids
Jennifer Lopez talks about her greatest love story in The Greatest Love Story Never Told | Amazon Studios

An insider further revealed in the publication that the singer-actress appeared super thin and decided to dress in a casual yet chic outfit. They mentioned that she seemed more subdued than usual when she greeted Affleck when he pulled the car up. The daughter seemed excited and thrilled to watch Seraphina’s performance.

The reports have suggested that the two of them are good at co-parenting the kids, Seraphina, Violet, and Sam, along with Lopez’s twins Max and Emme. The kids get along well, so the parents decided to put their issues aside and show up for the ones that mattered to them.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez allegedly living in separate homes

In Touch Weekly shared earlier in May that the Air actor had moved out of their dream house, which they spent two years searching for. The publication reports that it seems like the beloved couple is on two different pages as of now.

Jen and Ben are having issues in their marriage. They started having issues a few months ago, as Jen had started ramping up work commitments and prepping for her tour. Jen is very focused on work. They are on two completely different pages most of the time.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez put on a united front for kids
Ben Affleck has reportedly moved out their dream house | 20th Century Studios

However, US Magazine reported that despite the rumors of them living in separate houses, the couple is not heading for a divorce just yet. The actor who appeared in Jennifer Lopez’s recent documentary, The Greatest Love Story Never Told, said that they had to learn to meet each other halfway before they decided to rekindle their romance. Affleck added,

Getting back together, I said, ‘Listen, one of the things I don’t want is a relationship on social media. And then I sort of realized it’s not a fair thing to ask. It’s sort of like you’re gonna marry a boat captain and say, ‘Well, I don’t like the water.’ We are just two people with different approaches, trying to learn to compromise.

Lopez, on the other hand, shared during the Q&A in Los Angeles back in February at the screening of the documentary that the actor was a reluctant participant, a silent participant, and all. She admitted that it was very scary for her to open up and share about her life so candidly on camera. (via People)

The Greatest Love Story Never Told is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

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