Staying relevant in today’s day and age is an art that not many people have mastered. As celebrities get older, their fans grow with them. Similarly, the trick to get the younger audience involved in your journey is not as widespread as we would like. Today, the audience demands their favorite actors and celebrities to be in touch with the trending topics while also commenting on popular discourse

Take Jennifer Lopez, for instance. The actress-singer has been in the spotlight for many decades and she enjoyed a wide fan following. However, her fanbase seems to be dwindling now since her past few projects have failed miserably. Her record sales are low, her tours are not sold out and her recent album received an underwhelming response too.

Impact of Marriage to Ben Affleck on Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck (Image via Instagram)

Ever since Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez got married, fans believe the couple has been viewed as finicky and always arguing while out on dates. Their red carpet appearances are also shrouded in intrigue as the two have often been photographed in the middle of a heated argument or an upsetting conversation. This has impacted both Affleck and Lopez in many ways since people think they are unhappy together.

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A scene from Gigli

PR expert Emily M Austen claims that marrying Affleck has had a negative impact on Lopez since none of her post-marriage projects have worked well to impress the masses. From her latest album to the documentary talking about their love story, fans have not been able to connect with the diva. She further expressed in a conversation with Daily Mail,

“In the shadow of beloved and long-suffering Jennifer Garner [Ben Affleck’s ex-wife], much of the imagery we have seen from J Lo has been mundane – car rides with Ben, curbside arguments, fast food takeaways. Often looking miserable. This has shattered the fourth wall, one which we’d all bought into.

We didn’t want her to be a normal person. The big challenge with a star like J-Lo is staying power. As her fans have grown older with her, she’s not done a good enough job of engaging with new fans and bringing them on the journey with her.”

In hindsight, Affleck has a bigger fanbase, thanks to his iconic role as Batman in the once-DCEU along with his other acting projects that shot him to stardom. They come to the Air actor’s support whenever he seems angry in paparazzi shots and on red carpet events. Even Affleck seems to be unhappy in the relationship which begs the question of why get married in the first place.

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Reason Behind Ben Affleck’s Red Carpet Annoyance

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in Gigli

Being a Hollywood diva, Lopez loves the attention of the flashing cameras. She can smile and pose for hours if that means she gets amazing shots of all her profiles. Her beloved husband, on the other hand, dislikes being photographed. This is a possible reason why he always looks annoyed and grumpy like he had just been in a fight.

In truth, the couple seems to actually thrive in their relationship, but it is public appearances like these that matter when it comes to reflecting on the truth behind their equation. Nonetheless, Affleck shows his support as he accompanies Lopez to all events and puts up with the paparazzi.

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