Everyone is dying to know the answer to ‘What will make your crush ask you out?’ And imagine getting a full-fledged answer that truly might work wonders for you, *can we already call it a great day?* Moreover, the best part is he isn’t your regular college boy, he is much more, in fact, a lot more than that, he is Chris Evans aka our favorite Captain America. Cheers ladies!

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Chris Evans
Chris Evans

Back in 2016, the MCU star revealed that he is a huge fan of great as*es and he truly cannot get enough of it. The actor recently appeared in Lightyear, a film spinoff of the Toy Stories series, released on 17 June. The film appeared to have bagged a massive amount of controversy owing to a same-sex housed in the film.

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‘I like bu*ts’ – Chris Evans

During an appearance on Anna Faris’ podcast, Anna Faris Is Unqualified, Chris Evans shared a very significant aspect of his personal life. Chris said throughout the conversation that he is a huge admirer of butts; yes, ladies, even Captain America like a nice derrière. Chris smiled and responded, “I’m way more of an a*s man, clearly,” adding, “I like bu*ts,” when Anna inquired as to whether he preferred breasts or backsides.

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Chris Evans is way more of an a*s man
Captain America star is way more of an a*s man

Chris revealed that he like “butt pics” and made the remark that “nobody sends a bad d*ck pic” when the conversation went to exchanging nude photos. Despite the fact that this isn’t entirely accurate, he continued by stating, “There’s always like a full photo shoot, like a four-hour photo shoot with filters.” OK, wow.

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Fans worshipped the revelation as the only key mantra

Chris Evans as Captain America in Winter Soldier
Captain America in Winter Soldier

After our favorite MCU star revealed his favorite side and sight, fans got pretty serious about keeping their rear in shape. One of the fans even wrote that she tends to do h*p thrusts twice keeping in mind Chris Evans is more of an a*s man. Here are some of the best tweets:

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The MCU star’s revelation got many people to visit gyms on regular basis trying to get their buttocks in shape. And with these tweets, we are 3000% sure about the same. Cap indeed has got his goals pretty clear in his head. No doubt he was in news for following ‘MY HIPS DON’T LIE’ singer Shakira.

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