Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson played the eponymous characters in J.K. Rowling’s immensely successful and well-known Harry Potter book series. Even though the film series concluded in 2011 with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, it remains one of the biggest franchises in the business that has managed to hold onto people even now.

The die-hard movie fans, sometimes known as ‘Potterheads,’ have long been interested in any Easter eggs; plot twists, or other mysteries from the films that were never made public. But as time went on, some of the mysteries and secrets were made public, which enabled the fans to build their own fan theories by connecting the dots and comprehending the connections. Let’s find out more about Voldemort.

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Voldemort's missing nose is the biggest mystery in Harry Potter series
Voldemort’s missing nose is the biggest mystery in the Harry Potter series

What happened to Voldemort’s nose in Harry Potter?

One of the biggest mysteries surrounding the Harry Potter movies is about the nose of Harry Potter, played by Daniel Radcliffe’s nemesis Voldemort, played by actor Ralph Fiennes. According to the text, Voldemort, according to a prophecy, has the power to vanquish the Dark Lord.

There is, however, no simple answer about his nose as such. Instead, there have been fan theories surrounding the same, with some stating that he lost his nose after he was resurrected in Goblet of Fire and his new body had some mix-up of a snake and a man.

However, some debate that the only way Lord Voldemort could split his soul into Horcruxes was through his life as payment and every time he created a new Horcruxes, a part of his soul would be taken away as a payment, which eventually made him look less like a person. It has been said that it was eventually dark magic that clearly changed his appearance. However, it is still unclear to say that it was dark magic from a Dark Wizard of his caliber who could not revive or retain his nose.

Harry Potter and Voldemort
Harry Potter and Voldemort

But fans deeply believe the theory that it was the excessive use of dark magic that made his appearance change from human to more snake-like. The movies have also documented his changes in appearance over the years. Some fans, however, believe that a potion, which was made of unicorn blood and Nagini’s venom given to him by Wormtail, caused the deterioration of the nose.

The sole purpose of this potion was to allow Voldemort to return to human physical form; however, Voldemort required more to achieve this transformation successfully.

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How does Voldemort look in Harry Potter books?

The ones who have read the book have always mentioned that even though Voldemort’s appearance in movies is snake-like, with no nose and his lips and teeth reaching a point like a beak is scary and justifies how they wanted the antagonist to appear, it’s not how the author penned down his character in the books.

According to fans, Voldemort looks a little less terrifying in the books as he had a pale complexion with red eyes with thin, cat-like slits for his pupils that eventually matched his snake-like slits for his nose. It has been reported that the character is also very gaunt and his head resembled that of a skull more than anything more humanoid.

Voldemort is played by Ralph Fiennes
Voldemort is played by Ralph Fiennes

After his resurrection in Goblet of Fire, he becomes even less human and more like a reptile as his skin is thin and stuck to his protruding bones, giving him a skeletal appearance that makes him look like a corpse.

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Voldemort’s afterlife is being trapped in Limbo

One of the biggest debates about Voldemort’s death is how it was portrayed in the movies compared to what was in the books. In the movies, the character slowly disintegrates into nothingness, whereas in books, he simply falls to the ground.

Voldemort does not enter after life after death
Voldemort does not enter life after death

The director, however, explained his decision to go dramatic in the movies because of the visuals, but some fans believe that this visual undermines the message that he was just like any other man.

Someone who had tried to pervert the natural course of life and death, Lord Voldemort, seemed to have paid his debts, as his fate is considered worse than death as he gets trapped in Limbo, stuck in a raw stunted form forever.

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