American standup comedian and actor Dave Chappelle is getting online hatred for showing up unannounced at Chris Rock and Kevin Hart’s show which was happening at Madison Square Garden on Saturday night. He got recognition for his satirical comedy series Chappelle’s Show and even earned the title of the comic genius of America by Esquire. The show resumed with the comedian performing while touring across the United States.

Dave Chappelle
Comedian Dave Chappelle

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He has received many accolades for his satirical comedy, however, he’s more known because of his controversies that revolve around the actor from time to time. Though he’s a renowned personality, his jokes have garnered quite controversies and his very performance in the recent Rock-Hart show is receiving hatred from the Internet once again.

Dave Chappelle Sneaked Up Unannounced Onstage Joins Chris Rock and Kevin Hart in NYC

Dave Chappelle
Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, and Kevin Hart at Madison Square Garden in New York City

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The 48-year-old comedian surprised the audience by appearing unannounced onstage smoking a cigarette to perform with Chris Rock and Kevin Hart during their comedic double act at Madison Square Garden in New York City. The audience welcomed him with the thunder of claps whenever he brought up the topic of ‘cancel culture,’ during his act.

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He ‘had to sneak my way in here,’ as he was forced to move a Minneapolis show amid backlash last week. He also brought up the topic of the Netflix special, The Closer, where he targeted transgender people and shared with the audience, “despite what you may have read about in the news, I’m okay, and I appreciate the support.” He further added that he “gets it”  however, “I already spent the money.”

He also mentioned the on-stage attacker incident that happened at the Hollywood Bowl in early May and blamed his bodyguards for “wearing dress shoes on the job,” and “sliding all over the place like at a bowling alley.”

Internet Trolls Dave Chappelle’s Sneaking in The NYC

Comedian Dave Chappelle
Standup Comedian Dave Chappelle

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Though, the trio performed in NYC with Hart stating it as “EPIC NIGHT,” many online users came forward and showed their disapprovement on the same specifically Chappelle joining the duo.

Check out the tweets below.

While Hart shared the trio’s picture on his Instagram writing “Last night was by far the best moment of my career….I can’t even explain it…I can’t find the words…” He even mentioned that their performace was the true definition of a ‘EPIC NIGHT,’ adding that they made ‘history’ on that night.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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