One Piece is teeming with various villains who have become quite iconic within the show. However, fans have wanted to see the return of one villain, and that is Eneru from the Skypiea arc. Eneru left quite the impression during the arc, but Eneru going to the moon and meeting aliens and robots in his cover story was quite bizarre and it left fans wanting more. This has only become more intense in recent years since the Skypiea arc has grown more important.

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It has been over 20 years since Eneru was last involved in One Piece, but he might be returning to the series finally. A recent reveal in the Egghead Island arc teases the return of Eneru, which could not only lead to his return, but it could mean that Eneru will be the one to explain the biggest mysteries in One Piece. Putting Eneru in this role would be a perfect payoff to his decades of absence from the series, and it will certainly add a lot to the story as it continues through its final arc.

One Piece‘s Revelation Of Mother Flame References a Key Detail In Eneru’s Story

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The main reason behind Eneru’s return to One Piece could be related to Mother Flame’s design, which could be a reference to a key detail from Eneru’s cover story. In part 36 of Eneru’s cover story, “Enel’s Great Space Operations”, Eneru discovered hieroglyphs that detail the history of his ancestors and one of them was a circular design with a flame in the center.

While there wasn’t anything notable about it back then, One Piece chapter #1114 revealed that the hieroglyph looks similar to the Mother Flame and its container, implying a connection between the two and hence providing a reason for Eneru to return.

While that could be written off as a coincidence since the Mother Flame is supposed to be Dr. Vegapunk’s invention, it is easily explainable. Vegapunk researching the Void Century for renewable energy is one of the major plot points of the Egghead Island arc.

With the Shandians being connected to the Void Century, Vegapunk might have learned the same things as Eneru while researching the Void Century and based the Mother Flame off of that hieroglyph.

How Can Eneru’s Return Answer One Piece’s Biggest Mysteries

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The design of Mother Flame indicates Eneru’s return and that in itself can lead to answers to some of the biggest mysteries in One Piece. The previous chapters basically confirmed that the Mother Flame powers Uranus, which brings up the connection to the hieroglyph Eneru discovered.

Moreover, the hieroglyph was designed with a depiction of a boat and sea creatures, which might signify Pluton and Poseidon, respectively. This implies that the Ancient Weapons are connected to the moon, so with Eneru’s return, we could get a full explanation of the Ancient Weapons.

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In addition, Eneru’s return can also lead to the revelation of the space-related elements of One Piece. With the Lunarians, the sun god Nika, and the names of the Five Elders, there are a lot of elements in One Piece that are space-related.

Hence, with Eneru being on the moon, he can provide answers about the space-related elements in One Piece. There’s a lot of good that can happen with Eneru’s return, and even if he does not have any explanation, his return is enough to spur fans on.

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