Pamela Anderson rose to prominence at a young age with her modeling career whose work in Playboy magazine gave her immense stardom. Soon after that, her casting as Casey Jean “C.J.” Parker in the Baywatch series gave her a significant career push which later on became the most-watched television series in the world. Given the success she received in her career, her personal life was not a bed of roses.

Pamela Anderson
Canadian-American actress, Pamela Anderson

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As per a recent report, the actress was struggling financially in her real life which even continued to bother her when she achieved superstardom through Baywatch and Playboy magazine.

Pamela Anderson Was Not Financially Well Even After Becoming a Household Name

Pamela Anderson
Pamela Anderson

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The actress, Pamela Anderson is mostly recognized for gaining immense success in the 1990s with her American series, Baywatch. Even though she made a household name for herself, not many were aware of the struggles she went through during her superstardom life.

During the making of her Netflix documentary, Pamela, A Love Story, director Ryan White opened up about being “shocked” when he realized that the actress was nothing like anyone would have expected.

Her son, Brandon whom she shares with her former husband, Tommy Lee produced the project and gave further insight into the financial status of his mother which was a surprise for many fans.

White shared in an interview with Yahoo Entertainment,

“She was the most famous woman in the world on the most famous show in the world and she doesn’t have a nest egg from from Baywatch to rely upon.” 

Many would have thought that she could be the owner of the immense fortune given her successful career however both the director and her son clarified the facts.

Pamela Anderson Often Dealt With Credit Card Declines!

Pamela Anderson
Baywatch actress, Pamela Anderson

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In the docuseries, the 55-year-old actress opened up about turning down the $5 million for her infamous stolen s*x tape. Not just that she never had an agent with her when she negotiated for the famous drama series. Even the director assumed the pop culture icon would “be extremely wealthy” but that never seems to be the case.

During the interview, he recalled an incident when the actress insisted on paying the bill when they were eating together. Even though it is courteous for a documentary director to take care of those bills, she requested, “just let me pay this once.”

He added,

As she was handing over a credit card, she made this like half joke [about how her credit card sometimes] doesn’t work… I laughed, but she was like, ‘No, really, a lot of times throughout my career my credit cards were declined. I am just not a good financial planner.’

Her financial troubles surely seem to have been bad however her documentary is a way for her to correct the narrative of what people think of her.

Pamela, A Love Story is streaming on Netflix.

Source: Yahoo Entertainment

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