A royal historian named Gareth Russell recently published a book on the life of Queen Elizabeth (mother of the late Queen Elizabeth II). Several anecdotes about the mother Queen are included in the book. The most prominent one is the revelation that she had enjoyed alcohol a good deal. Not only that, Queen Elizabeth had been one of the most popular and loved members of the British royal family. She was a charming old monarch with a beatific smile and a cheerful front.

The book also reveals stories about various occasions where one can get a glimpse at the mother Queen’s way of life. Russell described the queen as having a free-spirited, showy nature and a humorous outlook on life in an interview with Page Six. However, it was suggested by the author that despite all that, she had been strict about royal duties.

A brief look at Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother’s Life

Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother (right)
Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother (right)

The wife of King George VI and the mother of the late Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen Mother was loved by the public. Recently, royal historian Gareth Russell released a book on the life of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother. Russell shared in an interview with Page Six about what the book contains. According to the historian, the book has several anecdotes and stories regarding her personal life. Russell discussed her personality and the way she chose to love her life. He shared that she used to like putting on a show. He added,

“And there was an almost wink, wink, nudge-nudge campness to the way she lived her life.”

She died at the age of 101 and was consistently one of the most popular members of the family. This was because the public was charmed by her “beatific smile and seemingly endless good cheer” explained Russell. Further, he added the Queen mother had “a really kind of wicked sense of humor,”.

Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother
Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother

And despite living during the time when homosexuality was illegal in Britain, she defended gay people. However, although she possessed those cheerful aspects, she is also said to have been patriotic toward her country. Therefore Russell pointed out that she might not have approved of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s decision to step down from their royal duties.

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Queen Elizabeth Revealed to Have Been a Good Drinker

Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother
Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother

There is one fact about the late Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother that might surprise the people. Historian Gareth Russell promoted his latest book Do Let’s Have Another Drink! on Page Six. He shared that the mother queen used to like alcohol a good deal. He explained,

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“I think she was probably just somebody who could handle her drinking really well,” 

And as she could handle alcohol well there were hardly any stories about her being drunk. And even if she drank as much as others she never got swayed. Russell added,  “whereas other people around her were decimated by trying to keep pace.”

Further, he shared that when there were royal engagements on a day, she would drink three different drinks with each meal.

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